Ending World Hunger Is Possible

(with insight from World Health Organization(WHO) food report (2020))

World hunger has been a global concern for decades now, an agenda carried forth from one century to the next. Ambitious as it may sound, ending world hunger is a victory yet to be communally claimed. 

Eradication of hunger is yet to be achieved but a lot of effort has been cultivated in pursuit of its accomplishment and great progress is there to show for that. Its end has been evasive of many revolutionary leaders making it sound like a fading dream, which it however certainly isn’t. The capacity to sustainably fuel everyone is a great possibility.

Ending world hunger is an agenda for vitaminfood as well. Providing sustainable nutrition solutions is the primary reason we exist as a values-driven organization. A scalable solution for all generations. We as players in the food industry are ready and already playing our part in fueling the human race.

Nutrition as a fuel.

Nutrition is the fuel for human propulsion from one level of growth to the other...not just bodily growth but even economic, technological and democratic growth. It is the powerhouse of society. A powerhouse that is irreplaceable for that matter.

At Vitaminfood we realise that food is the base of all human needs and without it, no other need can be satisfied. It then stands as a need above all others; above safety and love and self-actualisation. It is the determinant of whether such vertical progress would be made from lower level needs to a higher level or not. Good fuel will help achieve better results faster and efficiently.

Just like machinery and automobiles, any production whatsoever requires input of energy and nutrition is that energy for humans. Global progress requires the fueling of all persons with complete nutrition. 

Vitaminfood aims at ensuring that all humans get the required energy and the accompanying minerals and vitamins for optimum productivity. We provide quality and together we can provide quality for all. 

According to the World Health Organization(WHO) report (2020), 690 million people are hungry. That is 8.9% of the human population or an approximation of 1 in every 10 people. That is not the end of it....an additional 1.3 billion people do not have access to complete standard nutrition. This is the target for every stakeholder including yourself. To provide these souls with a complete meal to get them through more than just another day is the true liberation from their misery.

How do we feed the 2 billion people?

Vitaminfood has established a movement- `Vitaminfood for Life’ aimed solely at sustainable complete nutrition for all. Sustainable nutrition for all is at the core of Vitaminfood and we believe that it is engraved in your hearts as well.

We are not just about ending hunger but rather ending it with sustainable complete nutrition for all. Vitaminfood is all about complete nutrition for one and all.

Many have tried and failed simply because of working as independent relief organizations or with the select few. For not realizing that it is a common goal that has to be achieved by everyone, the world has lagged behind in providing complete nutrition. Just like our predecessors, we cannot achieve a common goal if some people are left out. We need everyone to chip in and do their bit and we are going to beat world hunger.

Here is the collective solution - grab one of any Vitaminfood products and we donate another at no additional cost. Grab one gift another.

This means that Vitaminfood for Life Initiative can theoretically eradicate world hunger with our nutritionally complete diets if everyone capable of taking part in the Vitaminfood for Life Initiative does so. However, we are here to play our part to our level best and we hope you will do your part too. If provisions and your contribution allow us to fulfil our theoretical capabilities then we shall actualise them.

A call for more partners.

Grab one and automatically gift another is not meant for the chosen few but also for the larger vitaminfood family out there. For the children below 5 years of age who die of hunger and the 28%  who suffer from malnutrition. 

We need more partners to spread the warmth of the vitaminfood family to those who need it the most. Partners to help us optimize our supply chains and to be regional distributors in their localities. Partners who are enthusiastic about this purpose and who create change in their society. Partners to help us grow this family into a bigger one by feeding more people.

Here is the deal for our partners...any partner supporting this initiative gets their supply at a non-profit base. A fair deal and a generous offer to help you as our partner in influencing change. You are more than welcome to join hands with us in this global agenda. 

It is a collective agenda so let us pull resources and get to the peak together.

Why Vitaminfood for Life Initiative?

  1. We provide a perfect solution that is scalable and sustainable. Our diet contains enough nutrients in terms of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. In a few words, we give a solution but you are the means for its actualisation. 

The research by WHO mentioned earlier further shows that nutrients ,specifically vitamins, are unaffordable for more than 3 billion people and are 5 times more expensive than the regular starchy meals for these people. 

  1. Vitaminfood meal replacements will however supply them with 27 vitamins and minerals at a much lower cost...oh wait, it is actually free. Remember….grab one, gift another.
  1. Vitaminfood for Life will go a long way in reducing health costs, and climate change by offering sustainable plant-based alternatives.  We offer reduced nutritional costs and nutritional-sensitive policies for social protection. But we only offer the solution and you the means to actualise it. 

The environmental impact of certain agricultural practices is a great deal of suffering for millions of people and animals too. Thousands of hectares of land under forest cover are destroyed every year to create space for grazing and growing animal feeds. A lot of agriculturally productive land is also depleted by these practices, land that could have otherwise been used to feed more people.

  1. Vitaminfood uses efficient techniques for production of its crop supply. We offer plant-based alternatives such as meal replacements and complete nutrition shakes which ensure efficient and sustainable land use. While there are several viable options for eradicating hunger, not all are scalable, sustainable and complete. Good for you and everybody else.

What we have done so far.

We have donated up to 10,000 meals (and counting). We are continually seeking out more sponsors and partners to contribute to this purpose and any support to further this course is highly appreciated.

We are proud to be associated with ShareTheMeal Initiative which is saving lives in various hunger-stricken areas with their meal distribution program. This includes but is not limited to war zones in the Middle East and Arid and semi-arid areas of Africa. We both believe that we are the generation to end hunger, you and we are that generation.

Through our Vitaminfood for Life Initiative, we have committed to donating a meal for each purchase. This defines limitless ability to impact lives by working together. 

Grab one, gift another to help eradicate hunger at no extra cost.