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Maca root: What is it and what are the benefits of this ingredient?

26. April, 2021 | Blog

A unique ingredient in all Vitaminfood shakes is the maca root. The powder of the maca plant is processed in Vitaminfood because it has many positive effects and is beneficial to health. And this makes Vitaminfood unique, as it is not in the shakes of our competitors!

What exactly is maca?

Maca (Latin name is Lepidium meyenii) originally comes from the Andes Mountains in Peru. Maca, a biennial plant described as herbaceous, is mainly cultivated because the root of the plant is said to have an energy-boosting and medicinal effect. There are three types of maca: cream maca, black maca and red maca. These different types of maca are all to have a different effect.

What are the characteristics of maca?

Maca has special properties that make the root nutritious and healthy. The root contains no less than five times more protein than potato and four times more fiber. There are also several important minerals in maca, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine and calcium. In addition, maca contains various vitamins, such as vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and B6.

What are the effects of maca?

Maca is therefore mainly grown because the root has a positive effect on health. Maca is available in powder form or in capsules (especially in health stores) and it is processed in food, like Vitaminfood. It’s a proven fact that maca is healthy. But what effects may the root of this plant have?

There is a difference between cream colored maca, black maca and white maca. Whereas the cream-colored maca is mainly used as food and has no specific effect on health, the black maca seems to provide extra energy. The red maca would have a positive effect on the prostate and thyroid gland.

All in all, maca has a lot of positive effects on health. Some of these effects are the following:
– An increase in energy
– A positive effect on the fertility of both men and women
– Reduction of menstrual complaints
– A positive effect on the hormone balance
– Good for the skin
– Good for bones and teeth
– A positive effect on libido
– Positive for muscle mass

In short, maca has many positive effects on the health of men and women. That’s why we use maca in all our meal shakes!


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