About us


Vitaminfood Vision

Our vision is simple: good food doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s just about getting the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Having enough fuel to get through the day. And that’s precisely what we give you.

Total peace of mind

Vitaminfood is there for the rush moments. If you don’t have time to eat well but you don’t want to snack or eat junk food, we offer a ‘meal, ready-to-eat’, all-in-1 alternative. We unburden. Fast food reinvented!

Change the world!

The more animal products we eat, the more destructive our impact on the planet. A painful truth, but truth nonetheless.

Our eating habits are the source of a great deal of suffering, especially for animals. But huge quantities of forest are also destroyed in order to feed cattle. And all the grains that are used to keep cows fat could be used to nourish everyone in the world. Because of our efficient production techniques we can effectively fight hunger in the world.

The planet deserves better. That’s why our meals are intentionally vegan. When you drink Vitaminfood, you reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier future for people, animals and our planet. BE BRAVE, DEFY AND CHANGE THE WORLD!