Lunch shakes

Lunch shakes

A good lunch is important. A good lunch will give the necessary nutrients to continue the day. Are you looking for a nice and healthy lunch, which you can prepare in seconds? Then look no further: Vitaminfood lunch shakes.

Vitaminfood has many flavors of lunch shakes, from strawberry and vanilla to cappuccino and cookie dough. All our lunch shakes have one thing in common: they are full of healthy nutrients. Our lunch shakes contain 27 types of vitamins and proteins, healthy carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and other nutrients that you need to fully recharge.

A healthy lunch? Vitaminfood!

Our lunch shakes are packed with vitamins and minerals. So you can drink them every day and never have to worry about getting the right nutrients. Something else: you do not have to read the small print on our lunch shakes. Vitamin food is completely natural and sugar-free. This means that no artificial sugars or colorings have been added and all shakes are GMO-free. On top of that our lunch shakes have a great taste. How is this possible? We add stevia to our lunch shakes, a natural sweetener. They also contain various natural aromas that make lunch shakes taste like slightly sweet milkshakes. Healthy and tasty!

Our healthy lunch shakes are developed in collaboration with certified nutritionists and meet the strict International Food Standard (IFS) standard. Would you like to see the complete list of ingredients, nutritional values, vitamins and minerals? They are under the heading ‘What does Vitaminfood consist of?