Chocolate shake

A chocolate shake meal replacement

Our shakes are real meal replacements. This means that you can enjoy our chocolate shake (or strawberry shake, vanilla shake or shake three times a day, without any worry. One chocolate shakes contains 27 types of vitamins and proteins, healthy carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and other nutrients. Our shakes provide all the nutrients you need to get through your day!

You can drink our chocolate shakes as often as you like. You may have a shake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just replace one meal with it. Athletes may like a shake as an addition to their daily diet. Everything is possible with Vitaminfood shakes. We do not decide the purpose of our shakes; you do. We want you to feel good and have time to do fun things, without worrying about the right nutrients!

A chocolate shake: easy and quick

The fact that our chocolate shakes contain all the necessary nutrients is not the only advantage of these meal replacements. Another great advantage is that you can prepare the shakes in no time. You no longer have to spend time preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. In a few seconds your shake is ready, simply by adding a few scoops of Vitaminfood to (vegan) milk such as soy, oat, almond and coconut milk, or yoghurt or even water. A complete meal in seconds.

The ingredients of a chocolate shake

As our shakes can be used as meal replacements, it is important that they contain all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, Vitaminfood was developed in collaboration with certified nutritionists and in accordance with the strict International Food Standard (IFS). A chocolate shake contains 27 kinds of nutrients that will get you through the day full of energy. They include vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and vitamin K, as well as minerals such as potassium citrate, calcium carbonate, sodium phosphate and magnesium carbonate and ingredients such as ground flaxseed and maca root powder. Maca has many positive effects on your health, including increased energy and a positive effect on both men’s and women’s fertility, hormone balance and libido. This unique ingredient can only be found in Vitaminfood! Stevia (a natural sweetener) and natural aromas give our chocolate shake a slightly sweet taste. How many chocolate shakes you need per day depends on your goal. It is good to know that half a scoop of Vitaminfood combined with 250 ml (vegan) milk or water equals about 100 kcal. Every half a scoop you add, in combination with 50 ml extra milk or water, results in an additional 100 kcal. This allows you to determine exactly how many shakes you need per day to reach your goal and get enough nutrients.

Service of Vitaminfood

Our mission is to show everyone that good food does not have to be expensive or complicated. Our shakes give you the right vitamins and minerals and they take no time at all. This means you will have more time for other things! Also, we think it is important that the world gets a little more beautiful every day. That is why our shakes are vegan, so you can reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier future for people, animals and the environment.

The base for a healthy chocolate shake can be easily ordered online at Vitaminfood. Add the product to your shopping cart, complete your order with one of our secure payment methods and your order will be shipped as soon as possible. In the Netherlands you will often receive the base for your chocolate shake the very next day. You can also order our chocolate shakes if you live abroad; in that case the delivery will take a bit longer. Shipping is free for all orders over € 50.

Do you have any questions or comments about our chocolate shake, one of our other shakes or our service? Check out our FAQ page or contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Chocolate Nutritional Values

Nutritional Value per 100g per portion 150g per 450g
kCal 448 673 2018
kJ 1875 2813 8438
Protein 22,22 33,33 100
Carbohydrates 53,6 80,4 241,2
of which sugars 0,5 0,8 2,4
Fat 15,6 23,4 70,3
of which saturated 1,9 2,9 8,7
of which linoleic acid 6,6 9,9 30,0
of which Omega 3 1,1 1,7 5,2
Dietary fibre 6,7 10,0 30,0
Salt 0,3 0,4 1,3

Vitamins Micronutrients Table

VITAMINS per 100g per portion 150g DRI* per 150g DRI* per 450g
Vitamin A 177,5 ug 266,3 ug 33,33% 100%
Vitamin B1 0,2 mg 0,3 mg 33,33% 100%
Vitamin B2 0,3 mg 0,5 mg 33,33% 100%
Vitamin B3 3,6 mg 5,4 mg 33,33% 100%
Niacine B3 3,6 mg 5,4 mg – –
Pantothenic acid B5 1,3 mg 2,0 mg – –
Vitamin B6 0,3 mg 0,5 mg 33,33% 100%
Biotine B8 11,1 ug 16,7 ug 33,33% 100%
Folic acid B11 44,4 ug 66,6 ug 33,33% 100%
Vitamin B12 0,6 ug 0,9 ug 33,33% 100%
Vitamin C 17,8 mg 26,7 mg 33,33% 100%
Vitamin D 1,1 ug 1,7 ug 33,33% 100%
Vitamin E 2,7 mg 4,0 mg 33,33% 100%
Vitamin K 16,7 ug 25,0 ug 33,33% 100%

Minerals Micronutrients Table

MINERALS per 100g per portion 150g DRI* per 150g DRI* per 450g
Calcium 177,5 mg 266,3 mg 33,33% 100%
Phosphorus 155,5 mg 233,3 mg 33,33% 100%
Magnesium 83,3 mg 125,0 mg 33,33% 100%
Iron 3,1 mg 4,7 mg 33,33% 100%
Iodine 33,3 ug 50,0 ug 33,33% 100%
Zinc 2,2 mg 4,7 mg 33,33% 100%
Potassium 444,0 mg 666,0 mg 33,33% 100%
Selenium 12,2 ug 18,3 ug 33,33% 100%
Copper 0,2 mg 0,3 mg 33,33% 100%
Manganese 0,4 mg 0,7 mg 33,33% 100%
Chromium 8,9 ug 13,3 ug 33,33% 100%
Molybdenum 11,1 ug 16,7 ug 33,33% 100%
Chloride 177,8 mg 266,7 mg – –
Sodium 210 mg 315 mg – –