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  • Pure CLA (Weight Loss)  - 90 capsules
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Pure CLA - 90 capsules

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Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Have you been struggling with body fat deposition? Trying to burn excess fat and reduce the fat to body weight ratio? Or is it the disappointment of using other ineffective products?

Well, that search ends with Vitaminfood pure CLA.

Designed to help everyone in burning body fat and muscle mass growth in athletes, Vitaminfood pure CLA is the perfect match for you. Get this essential nutrient and reap its benefits:

Muscle mass for bodybuilders
Hack your way into bigger muscles with Pure CLA from Vitaminfood. Reduce your body fat while maintaining body weight.

Weight loss
CLA plays a major role in breaking down fat in the body complementing other weight loss efforts.

Heart health
CLA is a healthy fat that helps protect against the hardening of arteries and smaller blood vessels. CLA keeps your heart in check.

Boosts muscle recovery
With pure CLA, you never have to lose a day to chronic injuries. Stay fit with boosted recovery and make the most of your gym subscription.

Pure CLA from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or volumizing nutrients. Take 2 capsules every day with meals and await a game-changing transformation.

A game-changing pro-nutrient
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a necessary healthy boost to fat metabolism in the body. It promotes the breakdown of fat, reducing its composition in the body and providing more energy for your workout sessions.
Enjoy the benefits of using CLA from Vitaminfood like a more fast-paced weight loss program alongside improved immunity. Vitaminfood takes care of your body functioning so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be.
Burn fat and gain muscle mass with Vitaminfood Pure CLA.

Pure CLA: the pro nutrient
Who is CLA for?

CLA is for all those ready to scale their health and improve results on their weight loss and bodybuilding with the CLA program. Get the capsules to get sufficient quantities of CLA to improve your health and recover faster.
Get help hitting your goals for weight loss, speedy muscle recovery between bodybuilding sessions, burning body fat and muscle mass recovery. Vitaminfood pure CLA helps to protect your heart against some of the side effects of endurance training and high-intensity training.
Hit your goals with Vitaminfood CLA.

What is contained in pure CLA?
Only pure conjugated linoleic acid (200mg/serving).
This sole component is an omega 6 fat that cannot be made in the body and has to be acquired from the diet. Trust Vitaminfood to deliver sufficient amounts in the recommended dosages.