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  • Collagen Peptides - Cola 300G
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Collagen Peptides - Cola 300G

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Collagen peptides

If wrinkled skin freaks you out, or the thought of joint pain makes your knees squeak and muscle loss makes you feel weak. Worry no more, cause Vitaminfood collagen peptides are here to save you.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides are like glue holding your body constituents together. They keep you healthy and intact.

Collagen + vitamin c + hyaluronic acid = 20 forever (not age of course but you’ll feel and look younger).

The collagen peptides can help reduce the physical signs of aging and keep you fit for longer

Components of our collagen peptides

For every scoop (2.5g), you get:

  • 2.5g collagen
  • 60mg of vitamin C
  • 20 mg of hyaluronic acid

Vitaminfood products do not contain any hidden sugars or false volumizing ingredients. Trust us to deliver the required quantity for healthy living.

Benefits and changes to expect

1. Supple skin

Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture from the surrounding. This coupled with Collagen keeps the skin moisturized and revitalizes skin tissue regeneration. 

If you’re anticipating wrinkles to start forming on your skin, collagen and hyaluronan can help extend this wait and buy you more time with that youthful skin.

Vitaminfood keeps your skin elastic and supple as you continue to keep fit.

2. Muscle mass

You definitely need protein to build those muscles. And glue to hold the protein together.

Collagen is both protein and glue to hold the protein together. Without it, there’s simply no muscle building going to happen.

Vitamin C is added to help in the integration of collagen into your body and more collagen protein production by the body.

3. Tissue regeneration

This trio promotes production of amino acids in the body. Bruises, cuts, muscle tears…all that needs to be repaired. It is all repaired in a heartbeat if you have enough of all the three.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides ensures you don’t break your streak because of minor injuries or tears.

4. Reduces bone loss and relieves joint pain

Supplementing body collagen with collagen peptides reduces inflammation which is the reason behind the aching joints. It also stimulates the body to produce more collagen.

The proteins in the blood that stimulate bone breakdown are also reduced by the elevated collagen amounts.

5. Heart health

Collagen is a component of the walls of blood vessel. A deficit causes them to lose elasticity and strength. On the other hand, enough collagen keeps the vessels strong and flexible enough. These can maintain blood pressure and promote efficient blood distribution.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides are easily soluble in water and water-based solvents. To claim all these benefits in 2 minutes or less, mix 1 scoop in a glass of water or fruit juice for maximum solubility. 

Get all the vitamins you need from vitaminfood’s collagen peptides.

Who is collagen peptide for?

This collagen peptide trio is for anyone looking to maintain their smooth elastic skin, healthy muscle and bone health.

Anyone in fear of developing wrinkles because of age or exposure to harmful conditions like excessive sunlight can use this package to retain the integrity of their skin, joints, muscles or bones.

Prepared in less than a minute, the collagen peptide solution keeps you young and euphoric.

Stay healthy with Vitaminfood collagen peptides.

Relax and sleep well tablets Relax and sleep well tablets

It’s been a couple tiresome days, long work days, intense work out sessions, deep brain work. And still no sleep? 

Relax and sleep well tablets force you into the sleep that your body seems not to want. Total peace of mind and complete rest to ensure that you are fresh for the next day’s activities.

Not just sleep but optimum rest for the entire body.

Vitaminfood sleep well solution is designed to help you fall asleep faster and easier without the risk of negative side effects to your brain. 

Let us take you to the land of dreams.

Take just one tablet 1 – 3 hours before bedtime to wake feeling fresh and ready to take on the new day.

So how do we do it?

A combination of tryptophan and melatonin.

Melatonin, also dubbed “the sleep hormone”, tells your body when it is time to sleep. It comes in for the night shift when its production increases at night to suppresses the production of other hormones like dopamine that maintain your energy during the day. 

Tryptophan is the other component. Tryptophan stimulates production of melatonin and serotonin in the brain. 

The two working together signal your internal clock that it is time to sleep. This initiates the booting down process for your body resulting in a relaxed state and peace of mind for absolute rest; the kind of sleep you desire.

Who are the sleep well tablets for?

Anyone and everyone.

We all need a good night’s rest to keep your body in check and to be ready for the next day. Vitaminfood sleep well tablets give you just the peace of mind to get quality sleep.

Those undergoing the torture of insomnia also benefit greatly. Falling asleep has never been easier. If you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep, sleep well tablets do just the trick.

Claim your sleep today.

Components of sleep well tablets:

For every tablet you take in:

  • 150 mg tryptophan 
  • 125 mg melatonin
  • 0.1 mg passion extract
  • 150 ug Vitamin b12 

Passion flower extract reduces the time needed to fall asleep. If insomnia keeps you up late against your will, here is your ticket to regaining control.

Vitamin B12 on the other hand heals sleep-wake rhythm disorders so that your deep sleep is undisrupted.

Get yourself this powerful combination designed to help you fall asleep better, faster and deeper. 

Vitaminfood products do not contain hidden sugars or false volumizing ingredients. We deliver the best combination to help you achieve your goals.

Beyond just deep sleep, more benefits

Sleep has a lot of benefits and greatly increases productivity. 

After getting good sleep, you’ll have:

1. Reduced anxiety

2. Improved moods

3. Enhanced attention, memory and cognition

Vitaminfood delivers the best combination in the recommended intake amounts to ensure you are productive day after day.