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  • Fat Burner - Weight Loss - Cola 300G
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Fat Burner - Cola 300G

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The fat burner

A cutting-edge solution for anyone and everyone looking to burn fat.

Designed to help both men and women in shading off the fat from their body weight, this fat burner is a next-level solution. It comprises an effective dose of the most powerful thermogenic fat-burning ingredients you know.

If you consider green tea, carnitine, cayenne pepper and caffeine heroes in your weight loss routine, then Vitaminfood’s pro fat burner is the ultimate superhero. We give you a chance to harness the power of all these super nutrients combined together.

Making it part of your routine leaves you only two choices, hit your goals or hit them sooner.

How the fat burner works
Thermogenic fat burners include cayenne pepper, black pepper, green tea leaf extracts, caffeine and certain forms of carnitine. Working individually, all these products work to stimulate thermogenesis – the process of converting fat to glucose and energy. This could involve directly increasing metabolic rates or stimulating the production of hormones that increase metabolic rate.

The bottom line is they all help in burning fat independently. The fat burner formula at vitaminfood, combines all these components into one easy-to-make drink whose synergistic effect delivers better results.

Fat burner from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or false volumizing nutrients. Every grain of that powder scoop adds value to your weight loss program.

I lost “…” lbs
Vitaminfood fat burner is definitely going to help you complete that statement. With only a maximum of two scoops per day, this is a combination you don’t want to miss.
Mix one scoop with 250 ml of liquid preferably water to avoid extra calories and drink this as the first thing upon waking up. Follow this up with a second and final scoop for the day about 6 hours later.
This simple routine helps you get to your goals by increasing thermogenic fat burning in the body. The size and number of fat cells reduce keeping you fit and healthy.

Enjoy the benefits of using the pro fat burner from Vitaminfood like a more fast-paced weight loss program alongside improved immunity. Vitaminfood takes care of your body functioning so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be.
Burn fat with Vitaminfood’s pro fat burner.

The pro fat burner: mind-boggling combination
Who is the fat burner for?
Pro fat burner is for those ready to experience some little wonders in weight loss. Caffeine alone helps many increase their fat-burning rate, how much better would it be when using a super combination of all the top and most effective thermogenic fat burners.
For only two scoops a day, the thermogenic fat burner is for those looking to burn extra fat and flee the health risks of having excess fat in the body.
Get help reducing your body fat composition, losing weight and increasing thermogenesis in the body.
Vitaminfood delivers all you need to reap the benefits of low-fat content in the body in one package for your convenience.
Choose your flavor and get started on a supreme routine with an effective product.

What is contained in the pro fat burner?

  • Green Tea
  • L-carnitine
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne pepper fruit extract
  • Black pepper fruit extract

For every serving (5g), you get 700mg L- carnitine, 459 mg green tea leaf extract, 270 mg caffeine anhydrous, 50 mg cayenne extract and 5 mg black pepper extract. This is the perfect mix to scale your fat loss program.
Trust Vitaminfood to deliver sufficient amounts in the recommended dosages.