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  • Complete Nutrition Meal Replacement - Chocolate 450G
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Vitaminfood Complete Nutrition - Chocolate 450G

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Complete Nutrition

Do you love chocolate and are you looking for a healthy shake to get through the day full of energy? In that case, the chocolate shakes from Vitaminfood are perfect! Our chocolate shakes are packed with vitamins and minerals that provide all the energy you need. Another great thing is that you make the chocolate shake in no time. Within seconds your meal replacement shake is ready, so you never have to rush breakfast, lunch or dinner again.

Chocolate shakes from Vitaminfood never contain any (hidden) sugars or food coloring. We think it important that you know what nutrients you get from our shakes. Our chocolate shake consists only of natural ingredients such as cocoa, and has the taste of a slightly sweet milkshake. What more could you wish for?