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  • Pre-Workout 'Coca Powered' UNIQUE! - Cola 300G
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Pre-Workout 'Coca Powered' UNIQUE! - Cola 300G

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Coca powered pre-workout formula

This pre-workout formula is a potent mix of ingredients that will get you super hyped and energetic as you begin your workout sessions. Coca powered formula will have you cutting through your daily goals like piece of cake.
Every time you take this cola formula, you will have an incredible experience during your gym or training session. Such experiences is what it is designed to deliver.

What are you signing up for?
1. A consistent supply of energy keeping you smooth and alert all through your training.
2. Maximization of strength performance during training as well as show day. Coca powered pre-workout formula unlocks the potential to go beyond the normal revs.
3. Prevents muscle soreness and crashing down after the workout. Maximum pump and blood flow to muscles ensures that lactic acid, which causes cramps and muscle pulls, is eliminated from the muscles.

Cola formula from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden)ingredients; it’s all displayed on the label for your safety and benefit.
Mix just one teaspoon (15g) in 200ml water and drink 30 minutes before the training session for maximum effect.

Better your pro status

Vitaminfood does not settle at being good. Good is not good enough for us. Neither should it be for you. This pre-workout formula is here to make you better.

Are you the pro of your trade? Greatest in weight lifting, fastest on track or the kingpin of boxing? Vitaminfood only aims to make you better.
Vitaminfood takes care of your psyche and energy supply so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be.

Get hyped and full of energy easily by mixing vitaminfood workout formula in 200 ml of water.

Perform better with Vitaminfood pre-workout formula.

P.S – this one is for PROs.

Coca pre-workout formula: game changing formula

Who is this pre-workout formula for?

This coca powered mix is for all those ready to change their game, quite literally. If you’ve been an amateur all along or have had a hurdle that you can’t seem to get past, then this Vitaminfood pre-workout mix is meant for you.
It is designed to stimulate your body to break that final barrier and get it off the way so that you can finally achieve your goals. 300mg caffeine, 1.5mg taurine and 4.6g beta-alanine are all the help you need to scale to the next level.
Become a pro and scale your dominance in the game with a coca-powered mix.
Hit your goals with Vitaminfood’s coca powered pre-workout formula.
What is contained in pre-workout solution

  • 4.6g beta alanine
  • 1.5g taurine
  • 300mg caffeine
  • Vitamin C, vitamin B, arginine and much more.

The label contains the full list of ingredients carefully chosen and included in this amazing formula.
It was designed for you, don’t let somebody else scoop your benefits away. Trust vitaminfood to always cover your nutritional needs.