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  • Pure Vegan Protein Isolate - Oreo 1KG
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Pure Vegan Protein Isolate - Oreo 1KG

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90% Pure protein isolate

Bodybuilding and intensive training demand more protein intake. Getting all that from food could be a burden. You could, but you’d have to eat way too much food making you uncomfortable.

Vitaminfood’s pure protein isolate fills in on the extra protein your body needs. Protein isolate is a great way to ensure you hit your daily protein intake requirements.

Get ripped with Vitaminfood proprotein isolate. Vitaminfood is fuel, good fuel that services the body well and gives a good feeling. As a powerhouse, we include a whooping protein boost just for you.

Including vitaminfood protein isolate ensures you are built different.
Choose the vanilla lemon protein isolate and get building.

High-quality protein
Pure protein isolate delivers high-quality protein that confers rapid action after the workout.

All essential amino acids
Unlike protein meals like peas or whey which lack some amino acids, Vitaminfood protein isolate is designed to have all essential amino acids in the required quantities.

Satiety and weight loss
High protein content adds to the bulk of food making you feel satisfied and full with a lower calorie intake in general

Boosts muscle recovery
With pro protein isolate, your muscles have all the protein plus more nutrients that they need for a swift recovery and continued optimal performance.

Pure Protein Isolate from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or volumizing nutrients. Mix 1 scoop of 30 g with 200 ml of water, shake and enjoy.

Easy to prepare pro-nutrient
Protein doesn’t have to involve hours of cooking or grilling under specific conditions for long periods. Get all the protein you need in no time.
How fast can you scoop, shake and drink?
That’s all the time you need.
There is no way around investing the effort to gain more. You will only be as good as your investment. Vitaminfood pro protein isolate is a good investment that builds great bodies.
Enjoy the benefits of using pure protein isolate which include:

  • Healthy muscle growth 
  • Hitting your daily protein intake requirement
  • Obtaining all the essential amino acids
  • Rapid action when consumed after a workout session.

Vitaminfood takes care of your nutrient intake so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and putting in as much effort as you can.
Build different with Vitaminfood Pure protein isolate.

Pure protein isolate: the pro nutrient
Who is protein isolate for?

Pure protein isolate is for all those ready to improve results on their weight loss and bodybuilding.
This unique precut 90% protein isolate is designed to help anyone whose meal plan and lifestyle demand a higher than normal protein intake; bodybuilders, weight lifters, muscle loss victims and high-intensity trainers.
If your diet is also unable to sustain your protein requirements, worry no more. Vitaminfood has you covered.
Trust Vitaminfood to deliver all the nutrients your body needs.
What is contained in pure protein isolate?

Per serving of 40g you get

  • 32g protein
  • 0.2 g fat
  • 8 g BCAA

Pure protein isolate boosts your protein intake during such a time that you need more than you can comfortably take in normal meals.

Without sugar or fat, Vitaminfood’s pure protein isolate is recommended for pro athletes as well.

Trust Vitaminfood to deliver sufficient amounts in the recommended dosages.