4 CANS of Vitaminfood


Strawberry 1 CAN = 3 to 9 Vitamin Meals
Banana 1 CAN = 3 to 9 Vitamin Meals
Vanilla 1 CAN = 3 to 9 Vitamin Meals
Chocolate 1 CAN = 3 to 9 Vitamin Meals
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Package deal

We love to reward our fans. That’s why we offer a selection of package deals. The more Vitaminfood you order, the higher your discount. It’s that simple!

In this package deal, you’ll get 4 cans and a FREE shaker on your first order!

Vitaminfood is the food of the future. A true meal replacement full of essential vitamins and minerals, with enough natural nutrients to get through the day with plenty of energy. What’s more, Vitaminfood doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors, and every vitamin meal is 100% vegan and sugar-free. What a great feeling!

Weight10.5 kg
Dimensions53 × 38 × 54 cm
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