Chocolate 1 CAN = 3 to 9 Vitamin Meals


Chocolate / 450 g

When you think of chocolate, you likely think of cakes, candies and other unhealthy snacks. But from now on, cacao-lovers can also choose a healthy alternative. Enjoy this powerful, tasty, vitamin meal – with all the essential vitamins and minerals – at home or on the go.

Vitaminfood is the food of the future. A true meal replacement full of essential vitamins and minerals, with enough natural nutrients to get through the day with plenty of energy. What’s more, Vitaminfood doesn’t contain any artificial colors and every vitamin meal is 100% vegan and sugar-free. What a great feeling!

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The chocolate Vitaminfood meal has been carefully composed so that you can enjoy the taste of real chocolate. This meal replacement offers you a tasty and healthy alternative at home or on the go.

Each sachet of Vitaminfood is enough for at least 3 vitamin meals. Add 450 ml of water or (soya/almond/coconut) milk to three scoops of Vitaminfood and you have a nutritious vitamin meal in no time. Contains the recommended daily quantities of all your essential vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to the convenient shaker, you can also enjoy a well-balanced meal on the road, while travelling or immediately after exercise, allowing you to perform. Go to SHOP


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