Benefits of BCAA supplements

6 health benefits of supplementing BCAA intake

                       Branched-chain amino acids explained (BCAA)

Branched-chain amino acids from Vitaminfood  have immense benefits, some of which have been explained below. Obtain your discounted BCAA supplements and start experiencing the benefits ASAP. A healthy dose of vegan protein, vegan supplements and other gym supplements are up for for grabs from the pro series section. This is a special edition for the pros.

What are branched-chain amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in the body. They are 20 in total, grouped in two – essential amino acids and non-essential (based on the body’s ability to synthesis them).

The essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body hence it is necessary to have them in your diet. Branched chain amino acids belong to this group of essential amino acids and are only 3 – leucine, valine and isoleucine. All three are useful in building cellular structures, signaling and transport within the various physiologic processes of the body. Leucine in particular is the most important amino acid in the body being required in various process of protein formation.

When to take BCAA supplements

During workout, especially high intensity training, muscle stretch and tear. These muscle should be rebuild and this process of tear and rebuild causes muscle lengthening and growth. During the rebuilding of these muscles, having readily available nutrients could improve the results. So BCAA intake should be timed around your workout session. Various industry experts recommend taking your protein shakes and BCAA supplements within 1 hour of your workout session.

Within this timeframe, the body is highly stimulated to synthesis more protein as it tries to repair the torn muscles. Hence, maximum absorption and utilization of the amino acids.


Benefits of supplementing BCAA

The fact that you are working out means that the body needs more branched chain amino acids than it normally would. Getting this extra amount from your food might be okay for some but to most, it is a challenge. To avoid reducing the efficiency of your protein synthesis process and also to avoid the side effects of having inadequate BCAA, it is wise to consider supplements.

In addition to that, BCAA supplements have been proven to have more benefits to bodybuilders and anyone doing intensive exercise. These include:

  1.       Increases muscle growth

A 2017 research review reported that research subjects given BCAA supplements recorded up to 22% more muscle mass growth than those under a placebo. If combined with protein isolate like pea protein isolate, the results increased further to record a 44% increase in muscle growth.

This is explained that the body was stimulated to produce more protein blocks and had all the raw materials at its time of highest stimulation. Vitaminfood BCAA supplements can be a literal game changer for body builders all over the world. Imagine getting close to 50% more muscle growth, sounds like you’re finally being paid what you’re worth. At time all that a good investment of time and energy needs is just 5 – 8 grams of BCAA.

  1.       Prevents muscle wasting

Branched chain amino acids account for 35% of essential amino acids and approximately 40% of amino acids requirements. Having a healthy amount of BCAAs almost guarantees a balance between protein breakdown and protein synthesis which is a never ending process. For intense exercise and ageing, supplementation is even more necessary. A 2017 scientific review confirms these claims that BCAA supplements help maintain healthy muscle mass.

When exercising, a lot more protein is broken down and a lot more is needed to repair and grow the muscles. For ageing, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients is greatly reduced and protein breakdown goes on continually so a boost of BCAA also helps to ensure that muscle breakdown does not exceed synthesis and repair.

  1.       Helps to reduce muscle pain after workout

For this reason, some have even described BCAA as the magical charm in sports nutrition. A component that allows you to show up every day and to lift the weights like you weren’t there the previous day.

Branched chain amino acids help to significantly reduce muscle soreness that is felt after the workout sessions. Delayed onset muscle soreness is felt around 12-24 hours after workout and could last up to 72 hours. Anyone who has been to the gym knows that this takes a toll on your psyche to train and exercise. It breaks your consistency streak and weighs heavy on your spirit.

However, Vitaminfood BCAA supplements help to reduce this muscle soreness that you are able to appear in the gym every day.

Mode of action of BCAA:

  • Decreases protein breakdown during exercises hence muscles aren’t as heavily damaged.
  • Decreases levels of creatine kinases; kinases are enzymes that breakdown substances with this one in particular breaking down creatine which is vital component of protein blocks in muscles and tissues. This indicates muscle damage.


      4.           Reduces exercise fatigue

Exercise induced fatigue varies depending on duration of the exercise session, level of intensity of the exercise and other environmental factors.

BCAA supplementation helps to restore the levels of tryptophan in the body. The tryptophan is then taken up by the brain cells and used in production of a hormone called serotonin.

Serotonin is a relaxing hormone which causes fatigue. Quality sleep is the key to dealing with fatigue. Serotonin helps you sleep the tiredness away and wake up fresh the following day. It also boosts your mood as you get ready to take on a new day.

BCAA can help you go to work feeling fresh even after an evening spent at the gym.

        5.      Management of liver diseases
Liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis cause hepatic encephalopathy which in turn results in loss of brain function progressively in advanced stages. Together with certain sugars &antibiotics for treating hepatic encephalopathy, BCAA supplements can be used to help regulate and delay the effects of its progression.


       6.       Helps to burn more fat

A combination of glutamine and leucine has been shown to promote fat-breakdown making it an ideal addition for your weight loss program. For weight loss, BCAA also increase your level of satiety because of a high protein diet which reduces your cravings for calories. The beauty of it all is that fat loss happens while gaining muscle mass as more muscles grow.


Vitaminfood produces high quality BCAA supplements to help you on your fitness journey. There is a lot of benefits to gain from supplementation as diet alone might be an inadequate supply of these essential amino acids. Order your BCAA supplements and have them delivered at your convenience and as soon as possible.