FAQ - meal replacement shakes

What is Vitaminfood?

Vitaminfood is a complete nutrition concept. Vitaminfood is a vegan, sugar-free vitamin meal with no hidden or added artificial sugars and colors. Vitaminfood is exclusively sweetened with stevia and natural aromas. Every vitamin meal contains a complete blend of 27 vitamins and proteins, healthy carbs, unsaturated fats and all of the essential nutrients you need to get through the day with plenty of energy. That’s why Vitaminfood qualifies as an official meal replacement.

How does Vitaminfood taste?
Vitaminfood tastes like a soft, natural, not too sweet milkshake.Since many products contain sugar, and Vitaminfood uses only natural stevia as a sweetener you’ll need a bit of time to ‘kick’ the sugar ;). The benefits of sugar-free foods are almost immediately noticeable.
How much scoops Vitaminfood do i have to take?
In the past we gave instructions for the use of 150g / 5,29 oz powder + 500ml / 16,9 fl oz water / coconut, oat, soy or almond milk (according to the guidelines of the WHO and NL consumer association). We dropped this recommendation because in practice it has turned out to be quite a lot for many of our customers. We believe that you can decide for yourself how many scoops you take. Take the amount of Vitaminfood that makes you feel good. Everybody is unique and therefore also the needs are different. Not everyone needs the same amount of energy every day. For example, depending on what your goals are, you can take less scoops to lose weight. But you can also take more scoops if you do a lot of sports and need more protein. Therefore, the advice is to listen to your body!


Each scoop contains 27 vitamins, minerals and necessary nutrients. 1 (heaped) scoop contains about 200 calories.

Am I required to consume 2.000 kcal a day?

Of course not. You are free to decide for yourself how many calories are a good fit for you. The World Health Organisation (WHO) advises healthy adults to consume an average of 2.000 kcal daily. But not everyone needs the same amount of energy every day. For instance, if you exercise, you consume more energy and therefore you need more calories. Our advice is: listen to your body!

Example of portions:

Depending on what your goals are, you can add fewer scoops to lose weight, but you can also add more scoops if you work out a lot for example. Half scoop = 100 kcal with 250ml (vegan) milk or water 1 scoop = 200 kcal with 300ml (vegan) milk or water 1.5 scoops = 300 kcal with 350ml (vegan) milk or water 2 scoops = 400 kcal with 400ml (vegan) milk or water 2.5 scoops = 500 kcal with 450ml (vegan) milk or water Of course you can vary and mix Vitaminfood completely to your own taste. 

How do I prepare Vitaminfood?

27So simply. Add your preferred amount of Vitaminfood to the desired amount of (vegan) milk like soy, oat, almond and coconut milk, yogurt or even water. Shake or stir and enjoy!
How is Vitaminfood made?
Vitaminfood is a blend of high-quality, essential vitamins and minerals. The meals are composed with great care in the Netherlands according to the strict International Food Standard (IFS) standards.
What does one vitamin meal cost?
If you buy one bag of Vitaminfood, every meal costs €2.98. If you order our larger amounts, then each meal is only €2.00. Compare that to a cup of fancy coffee at your favorite lunchroom, or an unhealthy burger in a fast food joint. Our vitamin meals are a real deal, especially when you compare their nutritional value to other, comparable foods.
How do I get one of those cool Vitaminfood shakers?
You can get a free shaker with your first package deal order. Or you can also order one in our shop.
Is Vitaminfood vegetarian/vegan?
There are no animal products in Vitaminfood, so it’s a perfect fit in a vegetarian or vegan diet.
Can I drink Vitaminfood every day?
Yes, Vitaminfood contains all of the vitamins and minerals you need every day. And every meal gives you the energy you need to perform at your best. You can drink our meals three times a day, or whenever it suits your schedule.
Should I always take one full portion?
No, you can do as you please!It is totally up to you to decide how many scoops of Vitaminfood you put in a shake.
I have a sweet tooth. Will I like Vitaminfood?
Vitaminfood stands for functional nutrition. This means that you get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need and in the right amounts. We have sweetened Vitaminfood with Stevia and natural aromas for the taste, but we keep Vitaminfood sugar-free and for good reason.If you have tried Vitaminfood and you think it might improve the taste if it is just that little bit sweeter, we’ve got some tips for you: You can mix in some fresh fruit parts, like a banana or pieces cut or blend some fresh fruit by cutting your Vitamin food. You can also stir in a spoon of honey or add your favourite sweetener. We recommend Stevia.
Can I drink Vitaminfood if I’m pregnant or younger than 18?
Yes, you can drink Vitaminfood if you are younger than 18. If you’re pregnant we recommend to consult your general practitioner first.
Is Vitaminfood good for before or after my workout?
Yes, Vitaminfood is ideal both before and after exercise. It will give you more than enough energy, even for the toughest of workouts. What’s more, every shake contains a balanced amount of protein. That stimulates muscle production and ensures faster recovery from all your effort.
What’s the best way to store Vitaminfood?
It’s best to store the Vitaminfood bags in a dark, cool and dry place. In those conditions, a sealed bag can easily last a year or more. Have you made a shake in your shaker, but aren’t quite ready to enjoy it yet? It will stay fresh in your fridge for up to two days.
What does Vitaminfood consist of?
Vitaminfood contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need every day. You can find additional info about the precise composition of Vitaminfood products in the following link.
How many calories does Vitaminfood have?
You determine your calorie intake yourself. Whether you take half a cup, 1 cup or 4 cups, you decide on it yourself. In any case, you will get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 1 cup contains about 200 calories.
How many carbs are in Vitaminfood and why?
Vitaminfood contains 53 grams of complex carbohydrates, of which 0.5 grams are naturally occurring sugars.Carbohydrates are necessary for your body. They provide you with energy to keep your muscles and brain functioning properly.Complex carbohydrates (also called slow carbohydrates) are slowly absorbed into your blood and therefore do not lead to peaks and drops in blood sugar such as fast carbohydrates do. This makes you feel more energetic and you do not suffer from sugar dips.
Does Vitaminfood contain soy?
No, Vitaminfood does not contain any soy or soy-derived ingredients.
Can I drink Vitaminfood if I have allergies?
We take the greatest care in the way we compose Vitaminfood. Still, it’s possible that it contains slight traces of:Cow’s milk, lactose or soy Soy flour, soy protein of oat flour Gluten, nuts or peanuts.
Can I order custom-made Vitaminfood?
At the moment, it’s unfortunately not possible to tailor Vitaminfood to your specific tastes or preferences.
How quickly can my order be delivered?
We strive to deliver your order within one or two days.
Do you also ship overseas?
Yes. You can have Vitaminfood delivered nearly anywhere in the world.
How can I pay?
We accept all standard payment methods. From credit cards to PayPal.