9 reasons why zinc

Zinc is one of the essential minerals and promotes healthy body development and functioning. It is important to get a constant and regular supply of adequate zinc because zinc is not stored as the body lacks a mechanism of efficiently storing it as it does with other essential nutrients especially fat-soluble vitamins. That is why Vitaminfood was created, to solve such a nutrition problem. Complete nutrition at your convenience 24/7.

Zinc is absorbed all through the small intestines and is concentration-dependent. Its absorption from the aqueous state is however more, up to 60-70% higher than in element and compound form. That is quite high and for those looking to increase their zinc content especially if recovering from a deficiency, getting sources that package zinc in solution form will be a major boost.

Vitaminfood meal replacements are designed to be food shakes and are therefore a perfect match. Getting all your nutrients in the form that they are absorbed maximally. Vitaminfood is the way to go if you’re headed for that health transformation. Hitting that nutritional goal could be a little easier with us.

Roles of zinc in the body.

1.       Enzyme function

Zinc is involved in very many reactions and has been linked to at least 300 different enzymes.... that’s a lot of reactions in case you missed it. Zinc just has to be there for your body to function optimally…I mean all those enzymes; you cannot afford to be low on zinc.

These reactions include those involved in the synthesis as well as the degradation of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids among many more structural and functional body compounds.

These are elements that are not just found in one organ or relevant to bodybuilders only. On the contrary, this is one area where everyone stands to benefit from having optimum zinc levels from Vitaminfood.

2.       Cellular functions

Zinc stabilizes the molecular structure of cellular components and membranes and thus contributes to cell and organ rigidity and integrity. It is involved in cell division as well.

3.       Genetic expression

Zinc has an essential role in polynucleotide transcription which is one of the steps in gene expression.

4.       Immunity and resistance to diseases

Zinc affects both humoral and cellular immunity. it is necessary for immune cell function and cell signaling, a deficiency can lead to a weakened immune response. Zinc also reduces oxidative stress which is a negative factor for your immune system.

5.       Tissue repair and wound healing

Zinc is useful in the formation of collagen which is a structural component of most body tissues. The skin in particular also holds a large amount of the total zinc supply. In hospitals, it is often used as a treatment for burns, certain ulcers, and other skin injuries. Consuming it naturally in diets can also help promote these processes.

6.       Taste and smell

One of the enzymes involved in generating impulses for tastes and smell is highly-dependent on zinc hence a deficiency could impair these senses until the levels are restored to normal levels.

7.       Body growth, development, and maturation

Zinc is essential to the growing and maturation processes in the body. Especially in the growth stages, a steady adequate supply of zinc will see you through with little troubles, doubts or stress. In cases of zinc deficiency, stunted and retarded growth and development is a common symptom and effect.

8.       Decrease inflammation

With decreased inflammation comes other health benefits which vary with age. For young vibrant people, it helps treat acne which ruins the smooth supple skin. For the middle-aged, it helps reduce the risk of developing chronic disorders which start appearing wholesomely at this age. This includes hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and complications within several organs. In the aged, the signs of aging are reduced and the effects like macular degeneration are delayed.

9.       Zinc bears extra benefits that are specific to men and these include

Zinc helps maintain healthy testosterone levels that come with other benefits like optimum libido, muscle mass increase and proper erections. Zinc also helps in keeping the prostate healthy, especially with age.

It has also been linked to delay baldness and help in fighting acne.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency is a rare condition and usually occurs as a result of inadequate supply from the diet due to malnourishment from hunger and starvation or such factors as alcoholism. It could also be caused by impaired absorption in the intestines.

The symptoms and effects of zinc deficiency include the following:

·         Growth retardation and delayed bone maturation.

·         Loss of appetite

·         Impaired immune system and increased susceptibility to infections.

·         Weight loss

·         Delayed healing of wounds

·         Impaired cellular function

·         Severe hair loss

·         Diarrhea

·         Taste abnormalities

·         Mental lethargy

·         Hypogonadism in males

·         Delayed sexual maturation

·         Impotence

·         Eye and skin lesions.


Zinc toxicity

The recommended upper limit for daily intakes is 45mg/day and if these exceeded and extremities attained by taking large doses then zinc becomes toxic. The body’s means of eliminating the excess is through the kidney and through egestion in faeces. These processes are however slow and while it is probably already absorbed into the bloodstream, the excess continues to become harmful to the body.

The symptoms of having zinc in toxic amounts include:

·         Nausea vomiting

·         Loss of appetite

·         Abdominal cramps

·         Diarrhea headaches

The effects from chronic zinc toxicity lasting more than a couple of hours include:

·         Low copper status- zinc in excess affects the metabolism of other nutrients and copper is one of those majorly affected. In high zinc concentration, the amount of copper absorbed from the intestines reduces drastically and significantly.

·         Altered iron functioning in the body so processes like hemoglobin formation are affected

·         Reduced immune function – zinc in amounts greater or lesser than the bodily requirement affects the ability of the body to fight off diseases and is a major sign of zinc level abnormality.

·         Reduced amount of high-density lipoprotein. These are healthy lipoproteins and you should be having an optimum level of these as they are needed by the body and their risk of being harmful is naturally low.


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