An alternative to junk food

An alternative to junk food

  An alternative to junk food

Humanity needs saving from their own destructive habits. Greatest among these is the consumption of junk food and other foods high in calories from processed sugar, refined carbohydrates, fat and deprived of dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Vitaminfood is one such natural product that aims to rescue people from self-destructing. These foods are in all ways a slow-death pill. Vitaminfood provides natural products with minimal processing and nutrient-dense to serve as a replacement for fast food meals. Our meal replacements with no hidden sugar are a reliable healthy option.

Common and universal examples of junk include:

Various baking like donuts, croissants, pies, cakes, waffles



Soft drinks including regular soda and diet sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices

Fruit yogurt, icecream

Coffee and creamer



Deli meats

Deep-fried meat, chicken, pork, fish, onion rings

Grilled bacon, sausage, ribs, steak


Sugary cereal and desserts.

Why should you quit fast food for meal replacement?

We opt for fast food because of various reasons. Mostly though it is because of the taste in conjunction with the price of food.

Fast food meals are just too appetizing to pass over and to dump them for a less tasty option like Vitaminfood might sound like an absurdity. It does have to be that way though. You can spice up your meal replacement to get a tasty and way healthier meal.

When it comes to price, however, Vitaminfood is more affordable in the short term and the long term if looking at the cost of hospital bills. Nonetheless, fast foods are incredibly cheaper than fresh farm supplies, fruits and vegetables. They are also a cheaper option for a nice meal at a hotel or a restaurant.

Fast foods are also convenient, especially for work lunches. You just step out of your office, go round the block and get your meal in a few minutes. In some cases, even 10 minutes would be a lot of time. This more so applies to Americans. The thought of this convenience makes it even harder to give up. Vitaminfood is even more convenient than that. You could have your entire meal from your desk on 2, 3, or all of your days at the office.

If it is about a delivery, we also deliver to your doorstep. Free shipping if you are in the EU region. Meal replacements beat fast food in every metric except maybe for taste. The taste is because we value your nutrition and health. This is our number one priority. Unlike fast food who care for nothing but their insane profit margins, we produce for your health.

Vitaminfood acknowledges that health is as important in getting nutrition. There are ways to tone up your flavor for our stevia-sweetened meal replacements and protein shakes. We cannot match the chicken nuggets or the grilled steak or the barbecue but we can surely save you from the monstrosity these would turn you into.

Harmful components present in junk food.

Junk food is high in extremely processed and refined nutrients with low nutritional value. They are deficient in a lot of these nutrients and very high in others. Generally, they cause an increase in intake of unsaturated fats, sodium and simple carbs. All are undesirable states with stressful consequences.

More toxins include

  • White flour containing bleaching agents
  • Artificial sugar
  • Simple and refined carbs
  • Advanced glycation end products
  • Dioxides and propylene glycols in frosted foods
  • Excess sodium
  • Preservatives
  • Soybean oil
  • Nitrates and nitrites in meats cooked in an open heat
  • Caffeine
  • Phthalates
  • Unsaturated fats
  • Excessive glucose and sucrose

These have varying side effects on different systems and organs in the body. Diseases caused are innumerable and more are even yet to be linked to specific foods but are as a result of our eating lifestyle. Common ones that have also claimed several lives are cancer, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular complications, kidney and liver failures.


In addition to these, sugary foods can be addictive by setting up a reward system in the brain. So your body craves more sugar so that it can get a satisfactory reward from the brain.

The big names of the industry cause an involuntary thrill when you hear them but it is only a timed one while Vitaminfood benefits are timeless.


How Vitaminfood saves you from early death?

Our meal replacements are wholesome with the natural touch retained. Wholesome nutrition has the best version and ratio for nutrients. It also contains all the nutrients as they are in the plants. None have been removed as processing is minimal and is not extractive.

Natural food also contains vital phytonutrients which are almost non-existent in processed junk and fast foods.


Vitaminfood gives satiety upon consumption. Dietary fiber and healthy protein amounts are key factors that save you from overeating. Dietary fiber is a rare nutrient in fast food, no wonder you are always craving another bag of fries after half an hour of downing the mountain you had for lunch. Overeating is a vice in the field of nutrition. Vitaminfood, designed to replace full course meals, includes adequate fiber to give you satisfaction, reduce snacking, overeating and ease the digestion process.


In most cases also, you will rarely find the recommended macro ratio in your fast food order. It is either too much protein and fat with little carbs or too many carbs and fat with little protein. Complete nutrition shakes provide every nutrient in its recommended daily intake. No imbalance in whatever meals you choose to replace with Vitaminfood diet shakes.


Deficiencies are also common after years of consistent consumption of junk foods. It should not come as a shock however after analyzing the constituents of the diets. Vitaminfood eliminates the need to keep tabs on what you have been consuming. We contribute to your Recommended daily intake without ever exceeding the accepted daily intake amounts.


Vitaminfood can also be used to meet specific goals like weight loss or bodybuilding goals. Our powders are customized to aid in such and a subscription option even available to help you hit the goal.


Begin by replacing just one meal order and progress to more. Let Vitaminfood be your savior in matters of nutrition. If you wish, we can replace all your fast food orders with vegan meal replacement shakes. s