Conjugated linoleic acid - benefits, dosage and sources

Have you been struggling with body fat deposition? Trying to burn excess fat and reduce the fat to body weight ratio? Or is it the disappointment of using other ineffective products?

Well, that search ends with pure CLA by Vitaminfood.

What is conjugated linoleic acid?

CLA is a polyunsaturated trans-fat that can exist in 28 different forms. Polyunsaturated meaning that it has double bonds somewhere in its structure. These double bonds are at some point separated by a single bond hence conjugated.

Conjugated linoleic acid can be obtained naturally. It is found in higher concentrations in animal products than in plants. 78.7 mg/kg of cream, 98.7 for condensed milk and 73.7 for lamb chops and 9.7mg/kg for safflower oil. The percentage of CLA in grass-fed beef cattle is upto 300-500 % more. Clearly, you’d need a supplement for your Conjugated linoleic acid intake especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian. The average intake for non-vegetarian people is 150 – 225 mg per day.

Is conjugated linoleic acid 100% healthy?

Trans-fats are usually inflammatory and linked to highly elevated blood cholesterol levels which clogs vessels, raises blood pressure and other cardiovascular complications. This mostly applies to industrial trans-fats. CLA such as the Vitaminfood supplement for sports and nutrition is an omega – 6 fatty acid which confers several benefits to the body.


Designed to help everyone in burning body fat and muscle mass growth in athletes, Vitaminfood pure CLA is the perfect match for you. Get this essential nutrient and reap its benefits including: 

  1. Muscle mass for bodybuilders

Hack your way into bigger muscles with Pure CLA from Vitaminfood. Reduce your body fat while maintaining body weight. CLA promotes healthy muscle gains by reducing muscle loss during workouts and during weight loss programs. It suppresses the process of protein breakdown thus the muscle gained during a workout has a higher percentage of protein compared to fat. CLA gives you muscle that is stronger and of higher quality.

  1. Weight loss

CLA plays a major role in breaking down fat in the body thereby complementing other weight loss efforts. CLA has been widely famed as a fat-burning agent. It increases the expenditure of fats during metabolism in contrast to a protein whose breakdown it inhibits. This process of fat oxidation is stimulated by CLA which results in the bodybuilding more muscle as compared to storing fat. CLA also mobilizes the fat that is already stored in the body to be secreted into the blood plasma through lipolysis. This increases the fatty acid concentration in blood plasma and makes it available for oxidation to produce energy during workouts and even during rest.

The result is reduced body fat to healthy optimum levels and massive weight loss.

Still on weight loss, CLA has a high satiety index than carbs meaning that you will fuller faster and for longer. This reduces the overall calorie intake for you which comes in handy when trying to manage your calorie intake. It also helps to manage your calorie intake by directly affecting appetite through leptin and insulin receptor sensitivity.

  1. Heart health

CLA is a healthy fat that helps protect against the hardening of arteries and smaller blood vessels. CLA keeps your heart in check. Conjugated linoleic acid has omega-3 anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to reduce oxidative stress.

These two factors especially oxidative stress is a potent reason behind coronary heart disease and other cardiac issues.

  1. Improve performance & boosts muscle recovery

With pure CLA, you never have to lose a day to chronic injuries. Stay fit with boosted recovery and make the most of your gym subscription. CLA, when taken as part of a balanced diet and healthy workout routine helps to burn more calories by boosting muscle metabolism.

CLA helps to reduce recovery duration because it prevents protein breakdown from muscles.


 Other health benefits include:

  •         Stimulates bone formation and also inhibits post-menopausal bone loss so this can help retain the healthy youthful bones as we age.
  •         Inhibits the progression of atherosclerosis by helping to get rid of excessive and harmful cholesterol (low-density cholesterol).
  •         Improves insulin resistance in peripheral cells.
  •         Reduces cancer risks – the reason is not clear but recent research studies have shown this to be true.


Potential side effects

Of course too much if anything is never good. Conjugated linoleic acid has several health benefits as already outlined above and many more not included and some whose rationale has not been found.

The recommended daily intake is 1- 3.4g/day. Regularly exceeding these levels and over-indulgence however, has antagonistic effects which include:

  •         Insulin resistance – especially for people already diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, excess CLA can worsen the condition. Insulin stimulates the conversion of glucose to glycogen and the cells to take up sugar and reduces its amount in the blood. If cells become resist=ant to insulin, then blood sugar levels remain elevated which is tragic for diabetes patients.


  •         Liver damage – excess CLA intake can damage the liver by overloading it with fatty acid cleared from the bloodstream. This results in what is commonly referred to as a fatty liver which means a liver with excess cholesterol.


  •         Excess CLA can also reduce the amount of good cholesterol in the body (high-density cholesterol). When CLA is in excess, it becomes indiscriminate of the cholesterol that it is eliminating simply because there is too much of CLA. This reduced the level of good cholesterol which affects other processes like cell membrane formation, fat-soluble nutrients transportation and formation of steroid hormones like testosterone.


In conclusion of the benefits and potential side-effects, it is wise to stay within the recommended daily intake limits and to adjust in case of any negative side-effects. Vitaminfood CLA supplements have a lot of benefits so grab them for a health boost.




Pure CLA from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or volumizing nutrients. Take 2 capsules every day with meals and await a game-changing transformation.


Pure CLA: the pro nutrient

Who is CLA for? 

CLA is for all those ready to scale their health and improve results on their weight loss and bodybuilding with the CLA program. Get the capsules to get sufficient quantities of CLA to improve your health and recover faster.

Get help hitting your goals for weight loss, speedy muscle recovery between bodybuilding

sessions, burning body fat and muscle mass recovery. Vitaminfood pure CLA helps to protect your heart against some of the side effects of endurance training and high-intensity training.

What is contained in pure CLA?

Only pure conjugated linoleic acid (200mg/serving).

This sole component is an omega 6 fat that cannot be made in the body and has to be acquired from the diet. Trust Vitaminfood to deliver sufficient amounts in the recommended dosages.