How Vegan Is creatine? Vegan creatine sources

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Creatine is a natural compound made in the liver and transported to the muscles for energy. This is a dietary ergogenic aid for sportspersons and endurance trainers. It is a nitrogenous compound that supplies energy to muscles and is made from non-protein amino acids.

Creatinine on the other hand is a chemical waste product formed from the unused creatine. Creatinine is produced by muscle metabolism. Eating meat can significantly increase the creatinine produced.

Creatine explained and some sources.

Creatine is a natural molecule produced in the body from 3 amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. These are all converted to phosphates in which form they are stored for energy in skeletal muscles.

This is a daily process and is produced in small quantities and the excess is excreted daily in form of creatinine. It is created in the kidney, pancreas and liver.

Benefits of creatine include:

  1. Boost to post-exercise recovery- creatine has anti-inflammation properties making it suitable for solving post-injury conditions including cramps and tears. The energy supply is also used in rebuilding torn muscles.


  1. Injury prevention and healing of musculoskeletal injuries – its anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties also prevented injuries in surveyed groups. The energy boosts too are vital in preventing muscle tears.


  1. Neuroprotection and increased functionality with compromised systems like knee osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.


  1.   Improve cognitive function- creatine was able to reduce the loss of cells from the neural system. This prevented certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease and maintained a healthy profile.

This greatly improves cognitive ability and memory retention too. Among the aged too, similar effects as improved control of limbs were observed in certain studies.


  1.   Training adaptation and increased tolerance to heat during exercising. It is linked to short term fluid retention effects.

Creatine is beneficial especially to those doing anaerobic exercises by regulating glycogen and supplying short bursts of energy.

  1.   Intramuscular concentrations – creatine has been shown to create specific paths concentrated with energy requirements which increases the overall capacity of the concentrated muscles.
  2.   Maintain optimum glycogen levels during training. It does in a process called glycogen loading which restores the glycogen levels to the body requirement during training.

In the case of depletion, creatine is metabolized to produce creatinine as a byproduct. This creates fatigue feeling.

  1.   Reduces aging – creatine has been linked to effectively preventing fat accumulation in the liver creating a fat-free body mass. It also maintains healthy muscle mass preventing muscle wearing out with age. This prevention of muscular dystrophy is one major reason for creatine popularity.

Other health benefits linked to creatine supplements include:

  • Slow down tumor growth
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Relieve seizures and autism
  • Reduced mental fatigue.


Our protein powders are easy to make and supply you the vital amino acids and enzyme cofactors to ensure your body produces sufficient creatine amounts. With Vitaminfood comes all the benefits listed above.


Vegan creatine sources are rare as it is a tissue only naturally found in animals. Those available are synthetic creatine monohydrate molecules. Vitaminfood is a 100% natural product that provides the 3 basic components of creatine: arginine, glycine and methionine.


Legumes(beans, peas), quinoa, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, nuts and spinach are an example of vegan sources that boost your creatine production. It is the only natural vegan way of getting creatine; boosting the production.



Like all other waste products, it is toxic and should be eliminated before it accumulates and poisons the muscles. Below are a few ways to reduce the amounts of creatinine especially for those with underlying medical conditions like diabetes and kidney diseases.

The waste product is excreted by the kidneys daily. Creatinine kidney test checks the health of kidneys. A high level even in the blood is a sign of impaired kidney function.

Symptoms of high and unhealthy creatinine levels include:

Shortness of breath, dehydration, fatigue, edema, dry skin, nausea and neuropathy.

For normal, healthy people, the kidneys effectively excrete all creatinine as long as you take enough water to flush them out.

  1. Reduce strenuous exercise – these activities result in increased metabolism and creatinine is produced in the process. Less strenuous exercises result in fewer waste products.
  2. Reduce creatine supplementation if using them – unused creatine is converted to the waste product so less of the unused product results in less creatinine for those whose excretion mechanism is impaired. 
  3. Reduce protein intake and switch to plant-based sources. Animal protein creatine easily converts to creatinine the waste form, when cooked.
  4. Increase your fiber intake – fiber is a bulking agent in diets which helps in bowel movements and egestion of unabsorbed materials.
  5. Increase fluid intake – water specifically is the primary fluid that will flush the kidneys and dissolve the waste products from the cells. Fluids dissolve the waste products, transport them to kidneys and skin for excretion and then flush these organs of the waste products.
  6. Reduce cholesterol intake too – cholesterol affects renal function by clogging vessels and limiting fluid flow.
  7. Some herbs have also been suggested to be helpful in the detoxification and cleansing from creatinine – salvia, nettle leaf, cinnamon, ginseng and dandelion root


Creatine works wonders for those who use it as a supplement, even for vegan bodybuilders. Getting it from the right source and a certified healthy alternative will dispel any fear of using supplements. Make Vitaminfood your selection and set up a regular subscription for your workout duration. 

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