Liquid nutrition versus solid meals

 Liquid nutrition versus solid meal

Liquid meals are not the traditional meals you are used to. The idea of having an entire meal from a bottle rather than a plate is futuristic. The earlier you get on board the better because these meals have a lot to offer and are in every way desirable. You can get your meal replacements delivered to you now. For breakfast, lunch or supper.

Vitaminfood liquid nutrition, in form of meal replacement shakes and protein shakes, is your propulsion to the future. Liquid nutrition includes homemade juices, store-bought products and smoothies.

Liquid dieting is a more specific term that is often used with prescription and guidance from a doctor or a dietitian. Your bottled food could be because of a broken jaw, or surgery preparation and recovery process (for example when undergoing colonoscopy) or it could just be for binge-watching. 


All in all here is the thing, liquid nutrition is suitable for many unnumbered and unimagined circumstances. Records have been smashed and impossibilities made possible with liquid nutrition. The flexibility, ease and convenience are just too much to pass on. How about you give it a try and tell the tale yourself.

Let’s get over this fluff and dive deeper into liquid diets, types and when it could be suitable for you. 

Liquid diet preparation is quite easy and requires little effort and attention. It often involves adding water to a specified amount of the powder or concentrate or according to the instruction. Vitaminfood prep is as easy as that. 


 Diet types

  1. Meal replacements.

These are the shakes designed to replace your traditional plate meals by containing all the essential nutrients including 27 vitamins and minerals. Meal replacements should also contain a healthy amount of carbohydrates and meet your daily calorie requirement. 

These are in essence your meal transformed as it is from the plate to a bottle. Some minimal processing is required for the preparation of the meal replacement powder. Powders are a common way of storing and distributing meal replacements. 

Vitaminfood meal replacement powders are a great selection because they have at least 400kcal per serving which is enough and optimum for everyone. They are also minimally processed making them the closest option to a traditional plate meal. 

They are sustainable in the long term, flexible and can be taken according to your plan or preference. On top of all the macro and micronutrients, meal replacements add to your water intake. More about meal replacements is discussed in a different blog. 

  1. Supplements


This includes protein shakes, creatine, collagen and many more. Supplements are a great way to increase your intake of a specific nutrient or to meet the higher than normal demand of a nutrient’s supply. If taken in the right amounts, healthy supplements have in the past yielded positive results for those who used them. Especially athletes, bodybuilders and those suffering from deficiencies. 

Supplements, just like meal replacements are prepared by mixing with water to make shakes and smoothies. They too are part of liquid nutrition.

Our protein shakes also come with an added advantage. They do not just supplement the protein but also other nutrients making them nutritionally complete. 

  1. Detox diets and cleanses

You have probably heard of juices to flush out your kidneys or cleanse your liver. These are strict and non-flexible diets that aim to boost the functioning of specific organs. Detox and cleansing diets harness the impact of specific ingredients on a certain organ. For example, grapes or asparagus on the liver. 

Their effectiveness depends on various factors which are not the focus here. These liquid diets are consumed intensively for a short period and could have severe consequences if prolonged. 

  1. Medically prescribed liquid diets.

Clear liquids and full liquid diets can be medically advised in preparation of surgeries, imaging procedures to avoid complications during surgeries or to alter the size of the liver for example. More reasons are depending on the physician’s counsel. They could also be due to conditions like wounds and difficulty in chewing.

Of the four, Vitaminfood offers meal replacements, which could be for weight gain or weight loss, and also protein shakes. These two are our product categories and we deliver quality nutrition.

How does liquid nutrition compare to a solid diet?

Liquid meals have their advantages over solid meals, plenty. The advantages are not worth overlooking but the best fit remains a combination of the two. The best plan is one that combines healthy meal replacements and traditional meals. 

Liquid diets are good for weight loss.

They are a great boost to your weight loss goals and could catapult you a couple of weeks ahead of your goals. The only caution though is to get a good containment plan or else the weight will be regained with time.

The regulated calorie content and satiety both help in losing the weight but if not well planned, unhealthy eating habits can reverse the process and so it is with other weight loss goals. A long-term weight management plan is vital.

Liquid diets can be absorbed faster into the system. 

Sugars like glucose and fructose are absorbed faster in the absence of soluble fiber. So meal replacements can serve as a quick boost to energy levels. However, soluble fiber is great for our bodies, the gut and health. 

Vitaminfood adds an adequate amount of fiber for its benefits and the role it plays in digestion and avoiding constipation. Our minimal processing allows for the retainment of the natural fiber and only cut down the irritating amounts.

Vitaminfood diets also promote the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E and K by including healthy vegan fats. In general, for Vitamins and minerals, dissolving them in water increases the rate of nutrient intake. Some additional dietary components may be necessary and we include that for optimum absorption into the bloodstream. 

Liquid diets allow for portion-regulated meals. 

This holds for most meals. The nutritional density is higher in most meal replacements while the calorie density is lowered. Similar to fruits and vegetables, Vitaminfood liquid fuel delivers a greater appetite with less calorie consumption. 

The nutritional factsheets and easy pre-calculated measurements do away with the strife of stressing over quantities. It makes it easier to determine your daily nutrient intake and weigh against your desired intake. 

Vitaminfood liquid nutrition delivers completeness. 

We save you from nutritional deficiency and give you a great boost to obtaining your daily recommended intake for all the nutrients. Unlike other shakes, we do not have sugar as a constituent. We include enough fat, fiber and protein which ensures a great overall profile of your food.

Some of the challenges you could experience with your liquid diets include constipation because of low fiber content and nutrient deficiency. At Vitaminfood, all these are sorted to provide an awesome experience. What we have is some good fuel. 

Under the following conditions, it is advisable to seek further guidance before switching to liquid nutrition options:

  • Pregnancy
  • Under long-term medication
  • Undergone a medical procedure recently
  • Have other digestive issues.

Liquid diets like Vitaminfood can have even more benefits like saving you from fast foods. Get your shakes now and reduce your junk eating. As established, above, liquid nutrition is healthy and in some instances even better than the same solid meals.

In such cases of tight schedules with little time to spare for lunch breaks and the unhealthy option of ordering some junk from round the block, Vitaminfood is a great friend. Together we can change our lifestyle and save many from chronic illnesses. Get yours now.