Pea Protein Isolate- What is it?

Pea Protein Isolate- What is it? How is it ideal for you?

Peas are an ideal plant protein source and is Vitaminfood’s select protein.

Pea protein isolate is an extract from peas obtained by processing dried, ground peas to concentrate the protein. The result is a powder with high protein content, no carbs and no fats.

At Vitaminfood, we breathe and live to provide the best nutrition for one and all while ensuring its sustainability. Even with a variety options to choose from, one obviously stands above the rest.

Pea protein is that option for us. Pea protein fits into our mission better than every other plant protein. We picked pea protein from the crowd of protein sources because it is all inclusive, sustainable and has a high protein content per serving.

Here is what we are saying: 

  1. Peas require less water for production.

Peas are among the most sustainable food in terms of production.

They require less water and fertilizers. Peas are drought-resistant and can utilize the nitrogen in the soil thereby greatly reducing their carbon footprint. It is a choice that is more eco-friendly.

  1. Our pea protein isolate has no common allergen- soy, peanuts, nuts, eggs, fish, cow’s milk or wheat.

Sources like soy have slightly higher protein content of  90-95%  but is a common allergen. So is whey from milk which is also quite unsustainable. Such a diet cannot be used by many people in the society.

70% of Asians and 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant.  0.3% of the entire population is allergic to soy and 2 in every 100 children below four years old are allergic to dairy. 8% of the global population is vegan or vegetarian and probably won’t use meat and milk.

This is a great number and the overlap is a huge proportion of the society which we would be leaving out by choosing a different source of protein.

We chose pea protein because it also causes fewer allergic reactions, serving more people. Even in our Vitaminfood for Life initiative, pea protein is a better option for maximum and indiscriminate impact.

  1. Pea protein isolate has very few side-effects. 

Unlike other sources including soy (the only plant-based alternative with a higher protein content) pea protein isolate has very few side-effects both short and long-term.

With allergies already excluded for the majority, the unique side-effects would be an excessive increase in Vitamin K if used for a long time. Try comparing it with the other sources. The list is much longer and more scarier.

  1. Pea protein isolation is a mechanical process and not a chemical one.

Peas are dried, ground then mixed with water to remove fiber and starch. 

This is advantageous as soluble fiber, minerals and vitamins are retained. Also no external chemicals are added during the processing reducing risk of toxins.

What is special about Vitaminfood’s pea protein isolate?

Well, we always have our eyes on the big picture- Complete Nutrition. Our inspiration is to provide complete nutrition at affordable prices.

This has driven us to research and improve our nutritional and aesthetic value.

*Vitaminfood has maximized the super pea protein isolate to deliver up to 80% pure protein content. 80% is relatively high concentration enabling you to achieve your desired results effectively.

*We use 100% GMO free pea for our isolate.

In this money-driven economy, we cannot trust organic branded sources to be truly organic. GMOs are deterrents to good health with the organ damage, toxicity and gene transfer effects among many other negative effects.

Vitaminfood provides you complete nutrition and extra protein at no health expense with the 100% GMO free shakes.

*Our Pea protein has the highest solubility- an incredible 50% higher than any other source in the market.

Pea protein is quite insoluble in water depending on the underlying factors(intrinsic and extrinsic) including pH,ionic strength and temperature.

Our team has however conducted intensive research and prepared the powder to be more soluble under normal conditions. We continually do research to provide the best and most innovative solutions for scalability and sustainability.

This makes Vitaminfood the most soluble pea protein powder in the market.

*Spray dried and granulated for easy dispersability.

Dispersability is the ability of a powder to break down into smaller particles in a solvent. Vitaminfood powder is spray dried and granulated before packaging to provide a smooth drink with undetectable micro-particles.

The resulting shake is not chalky or gritty but blends well with water. 

That summarizes the efforts we have cultivated in delivering the best pea protein isolate in the market. Likewise, the health benefits of pea protein are worth reconsidering as you make your healthy protein diet choices. Some notable benefits include the following:

Pea protein benefits

  1. Contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Essentials amino acids are those that your body cannot produce necessitating you to obtain them form meals.

Pea protein contains all 9 of those making it a complete protein.

In addition, it supplements other non-essential amino acids namely: alanine, arginine, cystine, proline, serine , aspartic acid and tyrosine. Each serves a unique purpose in our bodies.

  1. Packed with Branched-chain Amino Acids(BCAA)

These are a group constituting leucine, isoleucine and valine; all essential amino acids obtained only from foods.

Several studies have proven that BCAA support muscle growth, reduce muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle inflammation or soreness. 

  1. Source of non-heme iron.

Non-heme iron is healthier than heme-iron which is found in animals and linked to increased cancer and heart disease risks.

There is great deficiency of iron especially in women of child-bearing age.

With the Vitamin C in the powder and shakes, non-heme iron from our shakes is easily digested and assimilated into our bodies.

  1. Source of minerals and vitamins.

Pea protein isolate is mechanically processed allowing it to retain all soluble minerals and vitamins.

The minerals include magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Vitamins include Vit A, Vit C, Folate, Thiamine, and Vit K.

  1. Supports development of muscle mass.

An experiment by the Journal of International Society of Sport Nutrition(JISSN)  with pea and whey proved that pea protein resulted in greater increase in muscle thickness than whey and placebo.

This finding remains true even after six weeks of using the supplement. 

Pea protein is therefore a good enough source of protein for vegans and vegeterians looking to increase their muscle mass and thickness. It requires little substitution for methionine from whole grains.

  1. Works to lower blood pressure.

Studies have found that pea protein hydrolysate reduces blood pressure. Both systolic and diastolic pressure.

Factors such as inceased levels of low density cholesterol  are down played by increasing the uptake into cells and oxidation of fatty acids into energy.

  1. Controls appetite

Its high protein content and low calorie content makes anyone using it feel fuller for longer. This naturally reduces the urge to snack frequently.

The nutritional profile is a valuable asset for those aiming to lose weight.

  1. Gluten-free or trans-fat

For those on a strict gluten-free diet, then pea protein is perfect. It also lacks any trans-fat which usually clogs blood vessels. 

How it compares with other sources and possible downsides.

Pea protein is fully packed with essential amino acids except methionine. This is a point of criticism for most plant-based protein diets because it aids in liver functioning and skin tone.

The good news however is that methionine is readily available in common day to day foods and for vegans, whole grains like quinoa, wheat, oats, spinach, peanuts and Brazil nuts.

Pea protein has an abundance of leucine.

Leucine is claimed to be the only amino acid that can prevent deterioration of muscles with age and also stimulate muscle growth.

 If you are a body builder or looking to maintain good physique with age, then this is what you are looking for.

Leucine is also useful in controlling blood sugar levels.

Pea protein is a vital source of protein especially for vegeterians and vegans. It ensures you keep off the side effects of other sources and get high protein content.

It has a better taste and texture than most plant proteins.

Pea protein isolate has a fluffier texture than most other protein and a natural nutty flavor.

Our personal statement in conclusion is that pea protein isolate is a healthy protein choice that you should rethink and include in your complete nutrition diet. We have provided the perfect way for you to do that with ease.

We hope that you will make the Vitaminfood pea protein isolate your favorite plant protein. Fuel well feel well with our vegan, 100% GMO free and allergen-free protein.