Plant-based diet body transformation: What to expect

Plant-based diet body transformation: What to expect

Plant-based diet body transformation: What to expect

The vegan diet and plant-based food solutions have been widely professed to produce unimaginable results and unbelievable transformations for those who adopt them; a wise decision always. 

You too can experience this transformation by changing to plant-based meals. Evidence is spread all over and the facts are undeniable.

 Vitaminfood too is a part of this vegan transformation. We deliver an array of  healthy breakfast, lunch or supper plant-based meal substitutes. Vitaminfood vegan meal replacements can help with your hustle towards a unique body transformation.  Let us do the tedious work of selecting, eliminating and balancing your plate.

Vitaminfood is a complete nutrition meal for vegans, bodybuilders and health reformists too. Like all other purely plant-based vegan foods. It has the potential to work wonders in your body. Ground rules to observe are only 3:

  • Avoid animal and dairy products and eat 100% plant based meals.
  • Avoid processed and overly processed foods
  • Use minimum fat when cooking your plant foods.

The effects of such organically-sourced vegan nutrition are impartial and inconsiderate of age. They stretch from just being extremely beneficial to the environment by greatly reducing the carbon footprint to reducing your death and disease risks.

Anyone can experience the benefits of a diet transformation. They are diverse, in abundance and include all the following:

  1. Weight loss – natural plant diets have less fat and less calories than meat and processed foods. Besides, a lot of the carbohydrate from plants is in form of fiber which is not absorbed into the bloodstream. These two factors help in boosting weight loss.

So weight loss is a must-have for a vegan transformation. Vegan diets are low in non-nutritive carbohydrates which lead to weight gain. The extra fat and calories will be shed and no replacement will occur after the body metabolizes them.

Snacking is also reduced because of fiber density which makes you feel full for longer. Expect to shed the unhealthy carbs and extra fat.

In general, plant-based diets are great for your metabolism, here's an article that dives deeper into metabolism - "Increasing your metabolism and becoming healthy"

  1. Improved health – plants have phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and nutrient balance that is a natural boost to our health.

Just as is with fruits and vegetables, vegan meals improve your bodies’ defenses. Health is the greatest diet transformation expectation.

  1. Heart- diet rich in plant foods are nutrient-dense and associated with lower risks of death caused by cardiovascular diseases.

In certain cases, such a diet has reversed heart complications with death rates of up to 90% of those affected e.g the coronary thrombosis.

The low cholesterol, low sodium and salt balance in meals are all elements leading to these effects.

  1. Kidney – meats have a lot of salt, unused protein, minerals and heme iron. So do processed foods.

Some of these ingredients are treated as junk by the body after absorption and unlike the calories which are stored as fat in reserves, these are all drained into the kidneys.

The functioning of the kidney is impaired by more toxins from such foods and yet more work is being added for completion. Kidneys get overworked and poisoned so they end up failing and forming stones.

Plant diets are healthier, fewer toxins, and improve kidney function rather than reduce it. With a vegan transformation, expect healthier kidneys and a sound clean blood system.

  1. Liver – just like with the kidneys, plants help the liver in cleansing the body’s toxins and optimizing its functioning.

Chemical toxins from snacks, processed drinks and added sugar are all eliminated. Phytochemicals for liver cells replace them. So a healthier liver cleans a healthier food intake.

  1. Arthritis and chronic joint pain – for Rheumatoid arthritis, several studies have proven that plant-based diets help.

These reduce chronic inflammation in as little as two weeks. Reduced inflammation reduces pain.

The calcium is better absorbed, bone structure improved by collagen and creatine produced and this is all a healing.

  1. Ulcers – ulcerative colitis occurs in relapses.

Reduction of inflammation reduces the pain and likelihood of relapse. Plants also result in less acid production in the stomach further improving this condition.

  1. Athletic performance enhancement – plants improve your muscle quality, injury prevention and recovery.

 Peas for example, which are Vitaminfood’s choice plant protein source, increase the thickness of muscles.

Vegan protein also improves resistance for endurance trainers and athletes. You also avoid complications arising from animal protein like cancer later on in life. On top of all these, you age gracefully maintaining healthy body mass and tense muscles rather than dystrophy.

  1. Healthier skin – clearer skin, supple, acne-free and soft glowing radiance is what to expect for your skin with this transformation.

 A low-fat diet nourishes the skin allowing it to flourish. Cystic acne is also eliminated and collagen production is boosted for better skin structure. The puffy skin is replaced with lean skin with edges clearly defined making you more attractive and appealing.

  1. Improved self-image and mental wellness – knowing that you good fuel in your body produces a good feeling.

It makes feel and be healthy. It boosts your confidence in various aspects. You’ll feel better about your mental abilities and physical capabilities too.

  1. Cravings and sensitivity of taste buds – low salt and low sugar meals will increase your sensitivity to these two.

This is a positive growth to your health. Any increase beyond your new limited amounts will make you very sensitive and repugnant.

Healthier food becomes more appealing and satisfactory even though not sweetened with sugar or flavored with excess salt which is harmful to your blood pressure.

  1. Gut microbiome – plant-based diet supports the development and existence of gut bacteria.

The good bacteria is nourished by some phytochemicals obtained from the plants. This in turn improves the digestion of food and absorption of minerals.

  1. Lifestyle and mindset transformations- this refers to how you make your decisions, how you feel about yourself and your self image satisfaction.

A vegan choice is a mindful choice for you and the planet. This mindfulness is consciously and subconsciously applied to other aspects of your life. You become surer of other decisions and feel positive about your body image.


Danger: vitamin imbalance

If your plant diet is not varied, you may end up obtaining too much of one nutrient and too little of another. This is because different plants take in different minerals in their needed portions and produce varying quantities of vitamins and nutrients.

Here is where we come in, we provide enough of everything. Vitaminfood is a verified medium of claiming these benefits.

Get yourself a Vitaminfood vegan subscription and experience the transformation. Be part of a revolution greater than we are now.