Powders are healthy; but!

What could possibly be unhealthy in dried leaves and ground roots? That is how simple powders ought to be. Dried and ground like our ancestors did. This ensures that nature’s greatness is retained and uncompromised from the soil to your cups, bowls and shakers.

Not for us though… to preserve our powders, we only dry them without any additional preservatives.

Powders are an effective way of increasing the shelf life of products. This in turn compensates for cost and nutrient availability.

Powders have an unhealthy wrap around them but they are only unsafe if contaminated with toxins or unhealthy additives. Powders can be kept safe and unhealthy ingredients are often added in pursuit of arbitrary interests, not nutrition.

 Obtained by drying, they have most of the moisture content removed causing metabolic activities to cease. The nutrients remain in a stable condition until a suitable solvent is re-introduced.  

Are Vitaminfood powders really safe?

Powders are in essence the green food dried and packaged. They are not meant to be superfoods as they have been dubbed. Instead, ethically prepared powders and supplements are beneficial for extra nutrient provision.

Vitaminfood powders are designed for meal replacement and contain only what is in the scope of complete nutrition. They are a great boost to your health in:

*Bone and bone density health.

Especially for vegans and vegetarians, the calcium, phosphorous and manganese you get from Vitaminfood is a great boost for your bone density to avoid bone thinning.

*Anaemia and related iron deficiency

Included in the powder is non-heme iron and Vitamin C for its absorption. These two will ensure an adequate supply of healthy iron and its absorption into the body for red blood cells formation and oxygen transportation.

*Weight control – you get what you want.

Our shakes do not have a standard measure as would liquid meal replacements. Instead, you easily calculate the number of calories you need for weight loss(around 1400 daily intake) and that is how much you scoop. No more no less.

What you need is what you get. If you need to lose weight, then easily calculate your intake according to the calories you desire to eat. If you are a bodybuilder then add a bit more to hit your goals.


*Energy boosts

One of our ingredients is maca powder which is a great energy booster. Alongside the included carbohydrates, maca easily boosts you mood and energy levels.


27 minerals and vitamins are an advantage for your immune system. These act as antioxidants and aid in the development of certain systems like stevia aiding the phagocytic system.

Powders, especially supplements are not regulated like other foodstuffs.

This has given leeway to many producers to act unethically. A lot of powders are advertised as organic or natural while in actual sense they aren’t.

The nutrition value of powders has also been exaggerated as delivering drastic and immediate results. Sure thing, the concentrations may be higher but it is important to stay within the acceptable daily intakes. Powders prepared with the addition of various chemicals could be unsafe.

Are meal replacement powders equal to food?

Vitaminfood’s goal is to provide meal replacements. So yes!

Our meal replacement powders contain all the macro and micronutrients in their relative abundance. This is a complete diet that can replace meals and deliver all that your body needs.

Vitaminfood powders are as nutritive as food, even more, especially in case of junk foods. Most of the diets are not as complete as our shakes.

Whichever one you use, check that it has at least 6g fiber, less than 10g added sugar, enough protein, 30% vitamin and mineral requirements and your desired calories(1400-2000 daily intake).

Meal replacements are designed to replace your meals but it is also important to get something to chew on.  Probably 1 or 2 solid meals to get a different feel of diet. There are benefits associated with chewing and solid food for your gut.

Do not overlook those benefits.  We advise our customers to find a good balance between meal replacement and other meals.  

Vitaminfood covers you in your busy lifestyle and for nutrition supplementation. It is convenient and very healthy but you’ve got to have at least one solid meal whenever you can.  

What we do to ensure quality retention for our powders...

Vitaminfood is a complete nutrition meal. Our powders are prepared to ensure that complete nutrition is retained in the powdered forms. Vitaminfood powders are healthy and organic.

We follow best practices in the preparation.

  1.       Packed with nutrients- we meet the industry standard for complete nutrition and every component nutrient is in adequate amounts.

We include all the necessary macronutrients and 27 essential minerals and vitamins.

  1.       Easy quick preparation.

Quicker than a microwave and as easy as opening a packet and stirring in water; by the way that is a complete preparation guide.

The preparation also saves you time and got you covered even in your busiest schedules.

  1.       High quality sources and Non-GMO.

Vitaminfood is sourced from high quality produce. The farm produce used are also grown organically with no genetic modification. GMOs have been linked to various health risks. With Vitaminfood, you have the liberty of enjoying unmodified diets.

  1.       You vary your quantity according to your bodily requirement.


What to watch out for in any powders you take.

Reading labels is the modern way of choosing diets. By doing so you are able to harmful chemicals like

            Sodium benzoate

            Monosodium Glutamate


            Preservatives and added sugar

Allergens such as soy, lactose and cow’s milk, glycogen

Added fiber which is often linked to bloating

GMO ingredients in the products.

Non-vegan sources – not all powders or plant based powders are entirely vegan; they just have most of their nutrients from plants. For vegans it is important to verify the sources of the ingredients.

Portions – if the recommended intake doesn’t work well for you, find your balance. You can lower the quantity to avoid complications.

Reactions- our bodies react differently to different substances and quantity variations. Watch out for any reactions due to using any powder and change accordingly.


Vitaminfood powder stands above the crowd of protein powders and meal replacements as a healthy and reliable powder which you need to consider for inclusion in your diet plan immediately.

Order your own now!




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