Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics differentiated

Probiotics are living bacteria and healthy yeast found in various tracts of different systems in humans and other mammals.  They are included in Vitaminfood diets as they help in digestion and absorption of nutrients. We add probiotics to improve digestion and ease intestinal problems associated with dietary fiber like inhibition of absorption of minerals in the colon.

This way Vitaminfood is able to provide healthy meal replacements delivering both the benefits of dietary fiber and probiotics.

We are geared towards “the complete package”.  The more we have in our basket, the better. Healthy foods help you in so many ways, big and small. Big like immunity boosts and small like focusing during work and study. Stomach upsets and complications can easily affect a major area like being able to focus. While you might not have food as your top reason for distraction, it greatly impacts our concentration. And Vitaminfood is there to help with that too by improving cognitive function and dealing with bloating and flatulence.

It is by taking care of the smaller items that the overall result becomes perfection.

In the human body, probiotics are found in the


 Urinary tract

Vaginal tract




They are a composition of bacteria, fungi  and protozoa that keep our tracts and their epithelial lining healthy and safe from pathogens that could destroy and cause them to bleed.

Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics are part of the good bacteria. The main focus is on the probiotics which are included in our products.  Human bodies have two types of bacteria, the good and the bad, and these good ones help in digestion, destroying disease-causing pathogens and vitamin production. Specific kinds even treat and prevent gut diseases.

 There are millions of microbes in the gut alone, probably 100 trillion from 500 species. These are all essential for health and survival. An imbalance of microbes is linked to several diseases. Microorganisms in probiotics products are similar to those in the body and produce similar effects.

Characteristics of these microbes:

Can be isolated from the human body

Must survive in your intestine after ingestion; ability to resist digestion and destruction by digestive juices.

Have proven health benefits

Can be safely consumed without causing diseases.

Probiotics are of various types but two are the most common types:

  1.     Lactobacillus – this is the most common type.

Found mostly in the digestive tract, urinary and genital tracts. This type can be obtained from fermented foods like yogurt.

They help with diarrhea, lactose intolerance and respiratory infections.

  1.     Bifidobacterium – this a larger group made of more subspecies (over 30).

This type can ease irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), help control blood lipids and improve glucose tolerance in your body.

Besides, these probiotics have been linked to colon health where they are found in abundance.

Other benefits include a cure for inflammatory bowel disease, ease infectious diarrhea and diarrhea caused by antibiotics.

  1.     Saccharyomyces boulards – these are the yeast in probiotics.

This kind of yeast is made in the body and is healthy. These affect the nerves that control bowel movements.


In general, the health benefits of probiotics are:

  •         Ease irritable bowel syndrome.
  •         Ease constipation – probiotics increase the number of bowel movements and soften stool. This makes it easier to pass out.
  •         Cure ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease – these are challenging to treat and several repeat treatments are usually administered because of their recurrence. Certain probiotics are deemed to prevent a relapse of the diseases.
  •         Ease inflammatory bowel disease
  •         Improve colon health by wading off destructive probiotics
  •         Control and stop infectious diarrhea and that caused by antibiotics
  •         Reduce sensitivity to lactose for lactose-intolerant people
  •         Prevent allergies and colds from manifesting themselves
  •         Help with respiratory infections and improve vaginal and urinary tract health- yeast infections are naturally prevented by the acidic environment. However, if antibiotics, birth control pills and spermicidal alter this environment, probiotics among other conventional treatments, can balance the microflora.
  •         Improved oral health
  •         Cure eczema.
  •         Regulate blood lipids and body tolerance to glucose.

Adding Vitaminfood to your diet will likely be a boost to your health in some of the ways listed above. More health benefits, with less stomach rumbles and lower colon cancer risks.

             Prebiotics defined:

These are indigestible special plant fibers that help the gut bacteria. They are food for the probiotics and other good bacteria in the gut.

Oligosaccharides are their main building structure making them indigestible. Prebiotics nourish the healthy microbes because their mode of action is selective. They selectively stimulate the growth of probiotics and other bacteria.  Prebiotics are obtained from fruits and vegetables.

They are also helpful in the following ways:

  1.           Lower the glycemic index- by being indigestible, they increase the amount of time it takes to digest other foods, thus lowering the rate at which glucose is released and absorbed into the bloodstream.
  2.             Keep cells healthy – by nourishing good bacteria, the cells of the gut and other systems are maintained.

            III.            Ferment foods – prebiotics are often added to feed and stimulate the growth of the actual fungi like yeast that are used in fermentation.

  1.           Increase the rate of absorption of calcium in the colon.

We also have synbiotics, derived from the synergistic effect they have on the body once taken. Synbiotics are a combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

This combination is beneficial in:

  •         Digestion and alimentary canal health,
  •         Creation of vitamins
  •         Support cells in the gut in fighting off the bad bacteria.
  •         Breakdown and absorb the medication
  •         Improved liver function in cirrhotic patients


Prebiotics and probiotics both boost the immune system, prevent allergies and autoimmune disorders. It is wise to consult your doctor especially for people with an impaired immune system and infants. For the average person, however, they are safe if supplemented in small regular portions.

In addition, they are a healthy alternative to antibacterial products like triclosan which are unselective and alter hormones and build bacterial resistance.


Probiotics are good for your gut health and we at Vitaminfood understand that fully. Vitaminfood is your go-to solution for probiotics which we deliver alongside healthy meal replacement and a rich nutritional profile.