“A meal is any food taken with a fork & knife or at least a spoon…worst case scenario is biting into your burritos and tacos”. That can make for a good definition of meals.

Not soylents though.

Soylents know no limits. All the cutlery suddenly becomes useless … no fork, knife or spoon and yet it’s still classified as a meal. Soylent and the different variants are more logically classified as drinks even though they offer more nutrition than the common meals.

So what are soylents and meal replacements?

Meal replacements are a substitute for traditional meals with different portions. Meal replacements could be meal bars or drinks although the term “soylents” generally refers to meal replacements drinks and powders prepared into shakes.

Vitaminfood is there for the rush moments. If you don’t have time to eat well but you don’t want to snack or eat junk food, we offer a ‘meal, ready-to-eat’, all-in-1 alternative. We unburden. Fast food reinvented!


Soylents are produced to help the consumers achieve different goals and are customized accordingly.

  1.     Replace meals

The most obvious one is to replace meals – if you’re feeling a bit sluggish on the cooking or cleaning the utensils afterward, soylents have you covered. If you’re running a bit late or are too hungry to wait for the turkey to cook evenly, soylents have your back. These are nutritionally complete meals that will not put you at risk of deficiencies, on the contrary, they’ll better build your nutritional profile. Prepared in less than 2 minutes, meal replacement soylents come in a ready-to-consume package. This either as meal replacement powder or meal replacement drinks (you only have to uncork the bottle and your meal is ready).

Vitaminfood flavored soylents are a nice blend of nutrients and taste. Get yourself some nutritionally complete soylent options from Vitaminfood.


  1.       Weight goals

Different meal replacement soylents are available to help consumers in achieving different weight goals. There are soylents with extra calories and protein to help in weight gain by providing a calorie and protein surplus. There are others with less calories and slow digesting carbs to help with weight loss. Meal replacement soylents have been proven in different research studies to be effective for weight management if carefully selected and the right one well incorporated into your diet.

Check out our guide on weight and calorie math 

For weight loss, the Vitaminfood soylents are designed to have a low glycemic index so that your sugar levels don’t spike upon consumption. These slow digesting carbs release calories slowly into the bloodstream and stimulate the body to burn up the extra calories from fat cells. The 30+ g of protein also increases the satiety of the Vitaminfood soylent meal. A satiated feeling that lasts throughout the duration between meals reduces the urge to snack in between and the calorie intake over time.


  1.     Bodybuilding

Almost all bodybuilders use a type of soylent as meal replacement or protein shake for extra protein boost. Bodybuilding demands more nutrients to build the extra mass and getting all that from the diet can be quite difficult at times. From a soylent and protein shake though, all the extra protein, creatine or collagen is put together in a healthy blend of just 450 ml. Soylents become way more convenient and effective for achieving your goals. Vitaminfood offers a variety of options for athletes in the pro series product class – pure vegan protein isolate, collagen, pre-workout formula, BCAA and CLA supplements as well. Just a few scoops and you’ll bulk up pretty fast and very healthy all the while.



Soylents are meant to provide complete nutrition so that they supplement meals and help with your nutritional profile. Vitaminfood soylents contain 27 essential vitamins and minerals. If incorporated into the diet plan of a nutritionally deficient person, these soylents can help in restoring the body to its former healthy state over the course of a couple weeks.

A decent meal replacement should therefore check following boxes:

  1.       Macronutrients – soylents should have at least a certain percentage of the macro nutrients to sustain basic physiologic life functions.

-          200 -400 calories per serving to provide the brain and body with sufficient energy for daily activities

-          20 – 30 g of protein per serving to maintain the muscle mass at healthy levels and provide enough for growth & maintenance of body tissues.

-          Healthy fats like the polyunsaturated omega 3, 6 fats that will help to reduce cholesterol in the body and other functions of fats without increasing the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases.


  1.       Micro-nutrients

Nutritionally complete diets ought to contain all the nutrients needed by the body in just the right quantities as approved in the Recommended Daily Intake guidelines. These will cover your nutritional needs for all vitamins and vital minerals effectively reducing your risk of developing deficiencies.

Vitaminfood is a nutritionally complete meal replacement with all the 27 essential minerals and vitamins. Your meal is well fortified to protect you against health risks associated with nutritional deficiencies. Get yourself some Vitaminfood soylents to keep you healthy.

  1.       Health boost – superfood

A great soylent option for meal replacement should provide more than just the basic. Plants have phytonutrients which help in digestion, absorption, assimilation and utilization of the nutrients taken in. Processing, especially chemical, could greatly reduce the quantity of phytonutrients in the final product. Vitaminfood relies heavily on mechanical rather than chemical processing and also includes a superfood to provide extra benefits.

Vitaminfood meal replacement shakes contain maca root powder which is a Peruvian superfood from the Andes used since ancient days to boost cognitive functions among many more benefits. Check out more about maca root powder and why vitaminfood soylents contain them as an integral ingredient.

Environmental impact

More and more people realize that we can easily live without eating or drinking animal products. Vitaminfood fully supports that idea. That’s why our meals are 100% vegan. It’s how we prevent animal cruelty and reduce the devastating environmental impact of livestock farming.

Because we use plant-based protein, making Vitaminfood requires less water and produces less CO2 than livestock. Our drinks reduce food waste with a year-long shelf life from manufacture and don’t require refrigeration until opened, unlike fruits and vegetables that get tossed after a few days or weeks in the fridge.

The more animal products we eat, the more destructive our impact on the planet. A painful truth, but truth nonetheless.

Our eating habits are the source of a great deal of suffering, especially for animals. But huge quantities of forest are also destroyed in order to feed cattle. And all the grains that are used to keep cows fat could be used to nourish everyone in the world. Because of our efficient production techniques we can effectively fight hunger in the world.

The planet deserves better. That’s why our meals are intentionally vegan. When you drink Vitaminfood, you reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier future for people, animals and our planet. BE BRAVE, DEFY AND CHANGE THE WORLD!