Vitaminfood astronaut food

Vitaminfood astronaut food

Vitaminfood Astronaut food

Vitaminfood meal replacement shakes are top tier and efficient in replacing solids meals with liquid nutrition. Vegan protein, vitamin supplements, complete nutrition. Our natural-tasting meal replacement shakes got you covered from various angles.

Vitaminfood powder nutrition is also surprisingly an “astronaut food”.

Did you know that space foods have to meet certain eligibility criteria? Well, vitaminfood checks off a lot of those requirements on the list. We’re not saying it’s been to space, at least not yet. It can however be used for various situations similar to intergalactic space travel.

Imagine hiking in some interior and quite unexplored region, or being on a ship for several weeks or being stationed for work in a desert region, miles from the nearest town. Aye mate, Vitaminfood meal replacement shakes supply sufficient energy and nutrition even in situations where getting quality food sounds almost impossible; like space flights.

Let’s dive right into the checklist (plus several other great benefits of Vitaminfood)

  1.   Highly nutritious

When it comes to nutrition, we knocked this off the list so hard, it probably landed on the moon. Astronaut food is supposed to be very highly nutritious so that our space heroes don’t come back here as half-wits. Vitaminfood as well is basically a complete nutrition meal replacement option.

We deliver 27 vitamins & minerals, carbs, proteins, fiber, probiotics. There is nothing your body needs that Vitaminfood doesn’t already have. Our meal shakes are ideal for replacing breakfast, lunch breaks or even dinner. Vitaminfood diet shakes options include a wide collection for bodybuilders, shakes for weight loss and weight gain.

In the nutrition section, we take all that stress off your plate. With Vitaminfood, you’d better start worrying about something else besides the quantity of nutrients you are getting.

  1.   Shelf-stable foods

Of course, a space flight isn’t a day’s length. You probably even have to count in light-years. well, neither is your road trip across entire Europe or across the Americas. You’ll need a meal option that can journey with you all the while. Something that remains edible and nutritious for the entire period.

Vitaminfood has an impressive shelf life of over a year if stored away from direct sunlight and under room temperature. If you want to sail around the world powered by wind sails only, Vitaminfood assures you that a storm would most definitely kill you before hunger and starvation does. You’ll die a satisfied well-fed sailor and your legend will hopefully live on.

Another beautiful aspect of Vitaminfood astronaut food is that while most foods with a long shelf-life have very harmful preservatives, Vitaminfood has no artificial additives that could be detrimental to your health. Meal replacement powder nutrition is prepared naturally with mechanical processing rather than chemical for as much of the process as possible. Your health always comes first.

Go ahead and plan that 2-year long road trip or world tour, we have food ready for you.

  1. Compact and lightweight

You don’t want dead weight on your rocket to the moon. That costs you more fuel and probably increases the risks of failure. If its weight you can avoid, you definitely want to do that. Vitaminfood is the opposite of dead weight. Not here to interfere with your planning and packing space.

For the amount of nutrition we’re bringing to the table, we are a real lifesaver on both space and weight.

  1. Easily digestible

Astronaut food should be easily digestible to prevent complications that could arise from indigestion. Being easily digestible also guarantees that most of the nutrients in the food will be absorbed after being broken down.

Vitaminfood astronaut food is easily digestible and has inclusion like probiotics to further help in the digestion process. We also include a good amount of fibre in the meal replacement powder to give your meal shake some bulk and also to avoid constipation.

  1. Minimum prep and quick to serve

You most likely don’t want to spend hours preparing a meal when you should be focusing your energy on something else. If you’re up on some mountain or just set up on a wild trail, you don’t even have the kitchen equipment to prepare these meals let alone the ingredients.

Vitaminfood meal replacement shakes are ready-made nutrition powders. All you have to have with you is a shaker, something to scoop the complete nutrition powder with and of course your flavored Vitaminfood meal replacement powder.

As for the preparation, your 100% nutritious food is ready in less than a minute. Scoop. Stir. Drink

How fast can you do that?

If you do fancy a more inviting recipe shake, you can throw in a couple of berries, add milk and whatever else you might desire. All in all, it still won’t take you 3 hours to prepare the meal.

  1. Well packed and easy to clean up

Vitaminfood astronaut food is well-packaged in air-tight cans that allow you to keep your nutrition powder edible for a long time. These cans are an improvement from the bags which are not air-tight. It’s also easier to arrange them nicely on the shelf and prevent direct sunlight as they are opaque.

Powder also can’t be compared to turmeric stain or ketchup stain from other meal prep sessions. A simple dusting of the surfaces leaves them clean. Besides, if you have a nice scooping spoon, there will hardly ever be any mess.

  1. Palatable

Every meal has to be palatable. Vitaminfood is more than just eatable. No artificial flavors are used for health reasons. However, our lab scientists have researched the best ways of utilizing natural flavors in powder nutrition.

For taste, Vitaminfood best tasting meal replacement shakes are smooth with a variety of flavors to choose from. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, forest fruit for meal shakes and even more for protein and sports supplements.

Maybe you’ll feel a little ground, chalky texture on your first try but it wears out and isn’t really a huge deal for many.

So, does Vitaminfood qualify as an astronaut food?

The answer is pretty obvious…it does!!!

Vitaminfood meal replacement shakes check off most of those prerequisites. If you’re ever trying to flee or in any situation whose conditions are similar to a space flight, road trips, camps, remote exploration, sailing, in a hideout e.t.c, don’t forget your Vitaminfood astronaut food.

Light. Nutritious. Palatable


There’s more to this astronaut food:

 Vitaminfood has several superfoods included to boost your nutrient profile and to optimize specific body systems:

  •     Maca root powder – maca is a superfood of Peruvian origin that has been shown to greatly enhance cognitive function and intelligence. It also boosts the immune system, sperm production and circulation of blood throughout the blood.
  •     Probiotics – are useful for digestion. They help break down some compounds that humans lack enzymes to aid in their digestion. It helps nourish good bacteria in the stomach which can also produce some non-essential nutrients in the colon.
  •     Pea protein – vegan nutrition has been lauded for decades as having almost magical transformation. Pea protein is debatably the best and most complete vegan protein source. Vitaminfood uses naturally grown, non-GMO pea protein to provide the healthiest vegan protein for your growth.
  •     Tapioca maltodextrin – maltodextrin stabilize food giving them a smooth texture. Most, however, have color, smell and flavor alterations. We chose tapioca maltodextrin because it has the best-stabilizing properties and no alterations on the shakes taste, smell, color or flavor.
  •     27 essential minerals and vitamins – we ensure that we deliver enough of everything that your body needs. This keeps the body running optimally and all reactions run smoothly as all necessary nutrients, enzymes, intermediates are all available.
  •     Low glycemic index – to keep you within healthy calorie limits and wade of diabetes and other similar blood sugar-related complications.

Why Vitaminfood?

Work, study, exercise and even your social life: it all takes a toll on your body. If you want to perform at your best, it’s extremely important to get enough vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients from every meal.

Don’t have the time to cook, or sit down to a full meal? Drink Vitaminfood when it suits you best: as a healthy breakfast, nutritious lunch or quick, delicious dinner. You determine how many scoops of powder you use and with that you determine your calorie and carbohydrate intake yourself. So every shake has exactly what you need to get through your day, full of energy. Only the carbohydrates you need, without calories you don’t.

Quick and easy

Forget shopping lists, grocery stores and dirty dishes. Prepare a complete meal in just a few seconds. All you need is a couple of scoops of Vitaminfood and 450 ml of (vegan) milk or water. You can use almond, soy, oat, coconut milk or yoghurt. Shake it up, drink it up, and go!

Powerful nutrition

Whether you’re climbing the Himalayas or buried in work at the office: Vitaminfood has everything you need to perform at your best. Keep your body in balance with a daily dose of energy and essential vitamins and minerals.


Proven reliability and efficacy

Vitaminfood was developed in close collaboration with certified nutritionists and according to the strict International Food Standard (IFS) standards. Every meal is composed and produced with the greatest care. Our production techniques are high quality, efficient, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Natural taste

Vitaminfood looks like a milkshake but is a bit milder and less sweet. Unlike many other meals, our shakes don’t contain any added, hidden or artificial sugars. Vitaminfood contains only Stevia. Your body needs time to ‘kick the habit’ of unhealthy sweeteners. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of sugar-free nutrition.

Good for everyone

It’s important to ensure that healthy food isn’t just good for you, but also for the rest of the world. That’s why you won’t find any added or hidden sugars, artificial colors, or animal products in Vitaminfood. And we produce Vitaminfood with the lowest possible impact on the environment. What’s more, we like to share: for every package deal you buy, we will donate a meal to a person in need. For this reason, we have partnered with the Food Bank.  

Don’t take off without your Vitaminfood astronaut food!