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Vitaminfood fat burner

      Thermogenic fat burner

Vitaminfood fat burner is a blend of thermogenic fat-burning ingredients to help you lose extra weight, trim your waistline and reduce belly fat. The fat burner contains caffeine, L-carnitine and green tea. These are three of the most active fat burners combined together to help you harness all their effort simultaneously.

Thermogenic means “heat-producing”. So thermogenic fat burners essentially help your body convert more fat to heat. That is as basic as it can get, anyway, in this blog, we delve into depths discussing weight loss, the fat-burning mechanisms in the body, different types of fat burners and the most effective fat burners.

More often than not, fat-burning around the waist, tummy and other fat deposits prove to be a tedious endeavor. Gym work, exercise, diet and lifestyle. It might feel like a little too much. Truth be told though, there is no easy solution that guarantees long-term success. Whatever can undo the damage in three weeks can most likely be reversed in an equal amount of time.

Different research scientists have found out that most people who lose weight often gain it back within 2 years of reverting to old ways. So staying in shape is a lifelong commitment that Vitaminfood is here to walk you through in a simple stress-free life.

A multifactorial approach to weight management is the best, most effective and recommended approach. Talk diet, exercising, healthy bedtime routine, healthy supplements….it’s basically a weight management lifestyle rather than a one-time solution which over time proves to have been an empty promise.

What to look for in a fat burner?

How do they work?

Fat burners work to produce three common effects in the body:

  1. Boost metabolism hence burning fat

 Fats are useful in the body; very many uses make it impossible to exist without them. The excess, however, is equally harmful. One of the uses is oxidation to provide energy and heat.

Our bodies get energy by oxidizing (burning) calories usually from carbohydrates. However, if carbs are used up and under specific conditions when the body is stimulated by different hormones and enzymes, fats are oxidized in place of carbohydrates. Fat burners work to stimulate the body to use fats for energy rather than them being stored in fat reserves.


  1. Suppressing appetite

Reduced appetite means that no excess fats will be added to the body allowing the metabolic processes adequate time to eliminate the excess stored in fat cells within the body.

  1. Inhibit the fat formation

Fat ingested is broken down to its building blocks (triglycerides, fatty acids) for absorption. Once absorbed, the excess to be stored in the body has to be reassembled to form a complete fat molecule for storage. Different fat types are also assembled for storage. It is these processes that fat burners inhibit thereby ensuring that rather than being stored, the excess is excreted from the body.


So now knowing how these fat burners work, what exactly should you be looking for in a fat burner for weight loss. There are different fat burners for men, women, for trimming tummy weight, for use after pregnancy. Whatever the purpose, there are constants in the composition and mechanism of action.

  •         Stimulant vs non-stimulant

Common fat burners work by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. These include caffeine which gives you a mood boost, higher energy levels which could leave you feeling drained afterward. If you develop complications resulting from caffeine, opt for a fat burner without caffeine.

  •         Bioactive food ingredients

A healthy fat burner should include a bioactive food ingredient. These are versatile health-promoting ingredients. Prebiotics, probiotics, nootropics, carotenoids, antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins, minerals, certain types of carbohydrates and fiber. All these are ingredients that boost health; gut health, heart health, brain function and so on. They make the substance more beneficial beyond fat burning and confer health benefits to other body systems.

These are also very important because they boost general body functioning which could aid in metabolism and long-term weight management.


Common fat burners

  1. Caffeine

A natural stimulant since the earliest of times. Caffeine is notoriously common in beverages including tea, coffee, cocoa, guarana. It gives people the resilience to withstand whatever the day throws at them.

Another advantage of increasing adrenaline production is that this stimulates the body to release fatty acids from adipocytes (the fat cells) into general blood circulation. From here, they are oxidized to provide energy for metabolic reactions and heat. Caffeine promotes lipolysis which is the breakdown of fats and fatty acids. This makes caffeine a popular fat burner component.

Caffeine as a fat burner also works to suppress appetite thereby regulating calorie intake.


  1. Green tea

Second on the list is green tea which contains two powerful components. The first is definitely caffeine which we have discussed above to promote lipolysis and suppress appetite.

The second is EGCG which slows down the breakdown of adrenaline produced due to caffeine. This makes adrenaline active for longer in the blood. Its boosting effect is experienced for much longer helping one to burn more calories. Green tea helps to burn fat by up to 16% more within 24 hours and about 1.3 kgs in 12 weeks. Scale that over a couple of months and coupled with exercising and an overall better diet and lifestyle, you’ll have hit your goal.

It also additionally contains portions of L-threonine. L-threonine is an amino acid type that reduces the rate of fat absorption into adipocytes for storage. This leaves more fat droplets in the bloodstream for use in the metabolism. Your belly fat doesn’t grow larger.

  1. B-vitamins

The B-vitamins complex is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolic rate in the body. All B vitamins work towards this end. Having an adequate intake of B vitamins that is just beyond the minimum required daily intake, you could benefit from a benefit in metabolism, reduced calorie intake and fat burning.

  1. Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the component in chili peppers that makes them “chili”. It’s the spicy component. And as expected, the fiery taste lights a fire in the body by stimulating metabolism and adrenaline release.

This fire burns more calories in the body, suppresses appetite. Research has shown that capsaicin fat burner could result in burning 50 more calories/ 10% more within the next 24 hours for 2.5 mg.

Capsaicin is especially effective for belly fat.


More fat burners and compounds

  •         Garcinia cambogia – a tropical fruit extract that contains HCA (hydroxy citric acid). This acid blocks the activity of the lyase enzyme which is used in several intermediate steps in body fat formation.
  •         Nopal – a cactus that helps in regulating hunger levels
  •         Yohimbine – derived from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree. This bark extract stimulates the production of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine which all stimulate the body’s systems and result in higher metabolic rates. 20mg for 3 weeks has been proven to result in 2% less fat.
  •         Bitter orange – citrus fruit
  •         L-carnitine fumarate –an amino acid produced within the body in the liver, kidneys and brain. This chemical helps the body convert fat to energy. It has even been used medically to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Serves also to transport fatty acids into the cells’ mitochondria where they can then be oxidized for energy.
  •         Chromium compounds – suppress appetite naturally
  •         Choline – helps to burn fat in the liver
  •         Thermogenic blends – confer the benefits of more than one of these ingredients. The synergistic of a blend of ingredients could be much higher than that of individual ingredients working independently.


Side effects

Fat burners are natural components that will most likely have no side effects unless of over-indulgence as happens with caffeine or allergic reactions. They are rare but include heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches, dizziness and restlessness.

Also of importance is to avoid extreme measures when attempting to cut weight and to seek further guidance from a registered dietician or nutritionist. For example, cutting carbs is one method of weight loss program which could prove successful until you start consuming those carbs again. If however, stimulant fat burners are used alongside such a program, it could be fatal as the body will be left with inadequate calories. Extra caution and guidance is vital when attempting to combine different weight loss efforts.


What’s special about Vitaminfood fat burner?

The synergistic effect of green tea, caffeine and L-carnitine produces better results. The three complement each other such that where one may not be effective, another will surely be.

These three are not all that there is. Vitaminfood fat burner contains cayenne extract and black pepper extract. It is quite really the best mix in the market to scale your fat loss program. Cost-wise and efficiency as well.

Get the most potent Fat burner from Vitaminfood online store today and experience little miracles in fat loss starting today.



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