Vitaminfood Nominated Top Nutrition Company

Vitaminfood is pleasured to begin the year with such an honorary mention. We were nominated as a top nutrition company in the Netherlands, especially in times characterized by quarantine and lockdowns.

The food industry has taken a great hit during this COVID-19 pandemic. With all the ongoing strife and in a bid to survive the closures and re-closure of the public spaces, the industry that has borne the greatest weight is most likely the nutrition industry. And so to have been nominated as a leading nutrition company by is a great honor to us. You can also read the original blog by clicking the link.

This nomination is totally fabulous and an accurate reflection of the effort put into developing and producing healthy complete nutrition meal replacements. The nomination is also a motivation to delve deeper and provide better products for human sustenance.
We were named alongside marketing-leading greats like:

  • Virtuagym B.V
  • Fitmo
  • Campina
  • FUL foods
  • XXL nutrition

As a values-driven company, we aim to provide the best meal replacement option as a means of re-inventing fast-food and also primarily because of their utility.

Our values are:

1. Complete nutrition
Every single nutrient is necessary for optimal functioning. At times, you might not realize that you are lacking in a specific one until it is too late and the effects have become anatomical and difficult to reverse. Well, one of our main goals is to prevent that. You can stay healthy and fully fueled by regularly downing some Vitaminfood.

2. Vegan
Plant-based diets and totally vegan meals can save the world from self-destructing. They are a healthier option by a huge margin and more sustainable so why not opt for such a meal. A meal that ensures posterity. A vegan choice is a mindful choice.

3. Sustainability
A meal that you can use for as long as you’d need to and still be beneficial to the body. A meal whose consumption is in balance with its production. Such are as rare as they could be and Vitaminfood is among a number of other few that promote this goal.

4. Healthy
Sugar-free – sugar has become that one turn-off from an otherwise great meal. Surprisingly it still remains the greatest attraction in snacks. Knowing very well what a toll your health takes with every unnecessary gram of sugar, Vitaminfood chooses to give you the option of sugar –free meal replacements sweetened with only stevia and no hidden sugar.

Non-GMO – GMO tops the list of carcinogens. Adding it to our diet is frankly exposing our consumers to cancer risks and excluding it thereby reduces exposure to risks. Organically sourced produce makes the bulk of our raw materials and for that reason, your health is safe with us.

Purity - only natural products are used in the processing of our foods making them a great choice. Synthetic compounds are harmful to the body and mostly toxins to the liver and kidney cleansing mechanisms. Vitaminfood = natural because of minimal processing and no addition of artificial additives for taste or preservation or any other industrial reason; additives are definitely not for nutritional reasons.

Allergen-free – we do not use any common allergen products in the production of our meal replacements. Not even soy protein so it is safe for consumption by most of the population.

5. Convenience, ease and simplicity
We design our product to be easy to prepare, light and easy to carry around and on your travels and also convenient to consume anywhere.

In a time where the clean label is coming up so often and almost sounds like a marketing façade, we strive to deliver exactly what we promise and make no compromise whatsoever. Going green is a huge explosion and it’s going to get much bigger this decade. You know what they say- “the more the merrier.” Don’t get left behind!! Dooon’t!!!

A lot of innovations and ground-breaking products are unveiled every day and this makes us happy at how sustainable our diets will most likely be if most people join the transition. Foodhack especially features some of the top advancements and for us, being a part of the transformation as providers of sustainable meal shakes gives us all joy.

Let’s get to know Vitaminfood a bit more and the concept behind our products.

Fast-food reinvented

Fast-food and snacking as you might have observed over the years is an ever-growing and ever-changing industry. There are always new players coming in and a limited number exiting. But in the Covid era, fast-food has really transformed into a different format. With shops closing and some being turned into dark online shops, fewer people are having casual fast-food diets or eating out in restaurants and the industry has experienced a transformation.

Vitaminfood too has been forged by this fire and a couple of surprises are in the offing, bigger and better. Our product is soon to be enjoyed universally and well beyond the current borders.

The experience café which is an integral part of our model should definitely be on your dining preferences. Come and experience a total diet transformation at the mother of our fast-food reinvention agenda.

This restaurant in the future is the place to be. All the nutrients in their entirety and wholesomeness before they are ground into a white powder. The food and the aura is not the kind you’d love to miss.

So far, the team has developed an alternative to junk food that offers even more convenience and simplicity let alone the health benefits. The café lets you experience the beauty of natural foods while the meal shakes deliver completeness.

The e-commerce shop is the other pillar. Shopping online is the way to go and a huge trend in the food industry. This also aligns with the reduction of carbon footprint and enables people to get goods remotely. It also increases our reach so that many more people can enjoy the sugar-free meal replacement shakes.

The convenience and contactless acquisition of products have been widely adopted even by elderly people. This is another huge step for the industry and ourselves too. You can order from anywhere and get the products delivered almost anywhere.


Health and completeness above all else. That being said, the taste still is an integral part of any diet and Vitaminfood too. This alone is a determinant of how many calories and how much of nutrients you are going to get. If the taste is great but very little nutrients, chances are, you will still take more of that compared to when the compromise is on taste rather than on nutrients.

The pandemic has helped with that and we all count this improved decision–making as a step forward to better meals. Knowing all this and taking it into keen consideration, we have developed a variety of flavors to improve the taste.

Nutrition is our core and we pretty much do not negotiate on that. Taste, however, has come in second and our stevia-sweetened meal shakes come in 7 different flavors you can choose from. We are still trying out other different options for natural taste enhancement to give you the product of your liking. Factors like texture have been solved but taste, natural taste, remains an industry-wide issue that we constantly research.

Vitaminfood understands that taste is the single factor responsible for the slow-adoption of plant-based diets and the reason why a few would pick up then drop the diet again in a short while. We promise to always give the best and to continually improve on the meal replacements.

We also advise on spicing it up with natural fruits and berries when preparing; you will get just what you are seeking. This is something that would otherwise compromise the shelf-life of our 100 natural products. Research is forever ongoing to improve the taste and to much more synthetic products with no health compromise.

A small bargain on the taste is a fair price to pay for healthy complete nutrition.

Health and completeness above all else.

Driven by necessity

It’s a busy world and everything revolves around us so fast. We have little time to spare and we opt to spend it on family and friends. But over an unhealthy meal?? Really?

Look at how the situation really looks like – during the day at work you get some fries, chicken, burger, or burritos and a soft drink. All of it pretty unhealthy but you did not want to carry lunch to work or did not have the time to prepare one in the morning and do not have enough for a meal at a good restaurant. It is also probably too expensive to do on a daily basis. In the evening, you grab a pizza because it is a great option to have with friends and family and probably too tired to prepare a nice meal.

Pretty sad, right? But it is all true.

Seems like you do not have control over your dietary choices and are a victim of circumstances. You have to regain control and we give you a way of regaining it. Every new product is solving something, could be the edible spoons for footprints or impossible burgers and diets for taste and Vitaminfood is solving for convenience among other things.

The end

It ends with you … the customer makes it happen.

Got a nutrition goal? Let us rock that goal this year and be better than we ever were. At Vitaminfood, we are as a team focused on our customers’ happiness and whatever makes them happier, better and healthier is what we produce. Set up an account, subscription, or order and get your share of the happiness now.