Benefits of oral collagen supplementation

Benefits of oral collagen supplementation

Benefits of oral collagen supplementation

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body accounting for approximately 30 % of all body protein. It is also the main structural protein of connective tissues because of its fibre-like structure of fibrils that hold cells together. Collagen is one of those nutrients that your body loses with time. However, so far you have already realized that you cannot afford to be low on collagen.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides give your body the boost it requires to maintain a heallthy collagen index and reap the benefits that come along with the supplementation. Let’s learn about Vitaminfood collagen peptides and the benefits of this collagen.

Intro to collagen:

 What most people don’t know about collagen is that there are more than 16 different types of collagen in the body. Of these 16, two are dominantly present and more useful than the others. Because it’s a protein, it is assembled in the body from amino acids -  glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

Collagen is found in skin, bone, cartilage and tendons where it helps the body resist stretching. Hence why it has been touted for a long time to reverse skin aging, ease arthritic pain and even help with weight loss.

Collagen production trend as you age:

The body naturally wears off as you age. The twenties are the peak, if you take care of your body nicely, maybe early 30s as well. For collagen, the situation is a bit more discouraging. Collagen loss begins from 18- 26 years and by age 40, production begins to reduce by 1% each year. By age 80%, your body produces up to 75% less collagen. Unless you have superhuman genes, your skin starts to age and wrinkle by your mid-forties.

Production reduces. Collagen is more easily damaged by environmental factors like UV rays. Consumption of more collagen in the diet or by supplementation could help slow down this progress and ensure its physiological functions are not compromised.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides contain 2.5g of collagen, 60mg of Vitamin C and 20mg of hyaluronic acid which all work together to keep your body intact and your skin looking young.

Health benefits of supplementing collagen intake:

  1.       Better skin health

First on the list is obviously skin health. Collagen’s use in skin revitalization is probably the most common reason you come across it on different social media platforms.

While most of the research concerning supplementation for skin benefits is funded fully or partially by companies that could benefit, there are credible results from many different researchers that collagen sure does wonders on the skin.

This “edible botox”, helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. It helps to promote its hydration and dermal collagen density. You’ll look younger if it works well on you. Many celebrities have publicly confessed to using it and swear by its great effects. Their fans have also reported positive results working with collagen. These effects can all be summed up as reversing skin aging.

What could be a lie, however, is the extent to which this reversal occurs. Vitaminfood hydrated collagen peptides help with your skin.

  1.       A scaffold that holds the body together

Think of collagen as the glue that holds the body together. Down from the cellular structure to organs like skin, entire structures like bones and tendons, collagen literally holds the body together.

  1.       Reduces joint pain

After benefits to the skin, collagen is most popular because of its medical application in relieving joint pain especially in osteoarthritic pain in hips, hands and knees. Drs. Linsenmeyer and Bradley have confirmed that dietary collagen supplementation helps to reduce joint pain and is effective in short-term pain management in these patients.

  1.       Muscle mass and weight loss

Collagen is a protein and the amino acids consumed could help increase muscle mass while losing fat. It doesn’t independently promote weight loss but helps in effective and healthy weight management. It is also essential in the manufacture of certain muscle proteins like creatine.

In addition, and in comparison to other proteins like casein, collagen causes more satiety after a meal. Research participants who took collagen with their meals consumed 20% fewer calories than those who didn’t. Those who took collagen were 44% less hungry than those who had casein protein. This way, collagen supplementation in the diet helps in healthy weight management.

  1.       Prevents bone loss

Collagen is a component of bones and with reduced production, this compromises the constitution of the bones. Supplementation, however, can help increase the absorption and assimilation of amino acids into collagen. Readily available collagen helps maintain the integrity of the bone and avoid side-effects like prone to fractures because of bone thinning and brittleness.

  1.       Heart health

A layer of the blood vessels is made of collagen. This makes them elastic and sensitive to increase or reduction of blood pressure. The pulse that you can feel is because blood vessels, especially arteries are elastic and can therefore stretch during systole contractions of the heart and relax during diastole. When these vessels harden, complications arise because of inefficient blood supply. Vessels are more prone to rupture and cause bleeding, shock and stroke.

  1.       Medical and cosmetic use

Collagen has even more medical and cosmetic uses including:

Skin filling for wrinkles, scars and gaps.

Wound dressing – attracts new skin cells at the point of application and is used to stimulate wound healing for chronic, granulating and necrotic wounds.

Guided tissues regeneration in oral surgery

Vascular prosthetics and peripheral nerve regeneration, arterial reconstruction.


Collagen has so many uses because of its vital role in our lives. Supplementation can help boost these roles and stimulate positive effects in healing and skin revitalization.

Factors that destroy collagen:

Certain factors increase the rate of collagen destruction in the body. These include smoking, taking alcohol, excessive exposure to sunlight and UV radiation, not getting enough sleep and rest, living a stressful life and excessive sugar consumption. These factors promote collagen breakdown and can be attested by the skin appearance of those who indulge in these activities. They mostly appear to be older than their non-indulgent peers.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides can help you reverse their effects if you chose to stop them and to take better care of your skin and body.

To stimulate collagen production, you could do the following:

Increase vitamin C intake along with collagen peptides – vitamin C is necessary for one of the steps of collagen formation. So an inadequacy of vitamin C will most likely compromise the chances of enough collagen being formed.

Zinc, copper, vitamin A and anthocyanidins are also useful in the chemical reactions leading up to collagen formation and assimilation in the muscles and different tissues. Lucky for you, Vitaminfood collagen peptides are inclusive of all these nutrients that act as cofactors and intermediates in collagen formation.

Get our collagen peptides and get vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as well.



If wrinkled skin freaks you out, or the thought of joint pain makes your knees squeak and muscle loss makes you feel weak. Worry no more, cause Vitaminfood collagen peptides are here to save you.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides are like glue holding your body constituents together. They keep you healthy and intact.

Collagen + vitamin c + hyaluronic acid = 20 forever (not age of course but you’ll feel and look younger).

The collagen peptides can help reduce the physical signs of aging and keep you fit for longer

Components of our collagen peptides

For every scoop (2.5g), you get:

  • 2.5g collagen
  • 60mg of vitamin C
  • 20 mg of hyaluronic acid

Vitaminfood products do not contain any hidden sugars or false volumizing ingredients. Trust us to deliver the required quantity for healthy living.

Vitaminfood collagen peptides are easily soluble in water and water-based solvents. To claim all these benefits in 2 minutes or less, mix 1 scoop in a glass of water or fruit juice for maximum solubility. 

Get all the vitamins you need from vitaminfood’s collagen peptides.

Who is collagen peptide for?

This collagen peptide trio is for anyone looking to maintain their smooth elastic skin, healthy muscle and bone health.

Anyone in fear of developing wrinkles because of age or exposure to harmful conditions like excessive sunlight can use this package to retain the integrity of their skin, joints, muscles, or bones.

Prepared in less than a minute, the collagen peptide solution keeps you young and euphoric.

Stay healthy with Vitaminfood collagen peptides.