Vitaminfood pre-workout supplements


Pre-workout supplements or just pre-workouts as they are regularly referred to as are multi-ingredient formulas designed to give a boost of energy and performance.

We have different preferences for our workout sessions. Some prefer doing a full-body workout in the morning then magically proceed to a full day of office work. Most however prefer having it in the evening and probably just a few during the lunch-hour break. Either way, so many things affect our productivity and we don’t put in is as much on some days.

In the best-case scenario, it happens only once. You had a bad day and only once, you don’t have the psyche to work out. Worst case scenario, you progressively start getting a state of gym and eventually quit. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? And no one wants that …Vitaminfood pre-workout, like many others, is a mix of different ingredients that stimulates your body to produce enough energy during the entire session.

Pre-workouts boost your productivity on the following parameters:

  •         Strength
  •         Power
  •         Endurance
  •         Reduces fatigue
  •         Thermogenesis
  •         Improved recovery
  •         Focus and cognitive function

A good pre-workout should confer benefits in all these aspects or as many as possible.


Benefits of pre-workouts

  1.   Improved performance

Your progress has probably flattened after a couple of months of weightlifting, or your weight loss program is falling behind schedule and you feel that it is majorly because you don’t put in as much effort.

Pre-workout like Vitaminfood cola-powered pre-workout are designed to help you scale your progress and to rejuvenate the newbie exuberance you had when you began exercising. Vitaminfood pre-workout helps to reduce fatigue, increases endurance, especially for high-intensity training and increases muscle mass growth. A win on so many fronts.

  1.   Powerful ingredients

A decent pre-workout should not have just ingredients to boost your metabolism and a bogus supply of energy. A good formula should include a couple of phytonutrients and so-called “superfoods”. These boost cognitive function, boost recovery and help in your workout is not so direct ways but vital nonetheless. It also makes these products a better deal for your money.

  1.   Weight loss

A lot of exercises greatly increase your daily metabolism and with that comes thermogenesis. A pre-workout should also function primarily to help in weight loss by inducing thermogenesis during and post-workout. Such a combination of intrinsically stimulated thermogenesis and

  1.   Reduced recovery time

 This supply of necessary ingredients before the workout reduces the risk of your body extensively tearing muscles. Beta-alanine, BCAA, CLA and other similar nutrients can be added in smaller quantities to help reduce the recovery time and ensure you are at the gym daily.


This pre-workout formula is a potent mix of ingredients that will get you super hyped and energetic as you begin your workout sessions. The coca-powered formula will have you cutting through your daily goals like a piece of cake.

Every time you take this cola formula, you will have an incredible experience during your gym or training session. Such experiences are what it is designed to deliver.


What are you signing up for?

  1.     A consistent supply of energy keeps you smooth and alert all through your training.
  2.     Maximization of strength performance during training as well as show day. Coca powered pre-workout formula unlocks the potential to go beyond the normal revs.
  3.     Prevents muscle soreness and crashes down after the workout. Maximum pump and blood flow to muscles ensure that lactic acid, which causes cramps and muscle pulls, is eliminated from the muscles.

Cola pre-workout formula: game-changing formula

Who is this pre-workout formula for?


This coca-powered mix is for all those ready to change their game, quite literally. If you’ve been an amateur all along or have had a hurdle that you can’t seem to get past, then this Vitaminfood pre-workout mix is meant for you.

It is designed to stimulate your body to break that final barrier and get it off the way so that you can finally achieve your goals. 300mg caffeine, 1.5mg taurine and 4.6g beta-alanine are all the help you need to scale to the next level.

Become a pro and scale your dominance in the game with a coca-powered mix.

Hit your goals with Vitaminfood’s coca-powered pre-workout formula.

What is contained in the pre-workout solution

4.6g beta-alanine

1.5g taurine

300mg caffeine

 Vitamin C, vitamin B, arginine and much more.

The label contains the full list of ingredients carefully chosen and included in this amazing formula.

It was designed for you, don’t let somebody else scoop your benefits away. Trust vitaminfood to always cover your nutritional needs.


What ingredients should you look out for?

  1.     Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants, commonly found in beverages. It is also found in nearly all thermogenic fat burners including Vitaminfood fat-burner. Caffeine helps to improve mental alertness during workouts, exercising and team training. It increases fat metabolism and glycogenolysis.

  1.     Creatine

Creatine is famed for its effectiveness in improving endurance, especially for bodybuilders and other high-intensity trainers. Creatine ensures you remain active for a long time by reducing the rate of muscle fatigue. It helps the muscles retain water and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle which would most definitely cause cramps and a general feeling of fatigue.


  1.     Beta-alanine

A non-essential amino acid can be produced in the body,  that plays a role in muscle endurance, especially during high-intensity training. An increased exercise capacity is desirable for most people and will do a lot of good for your schedule and goals.

  1.     BCAA

 BCAA increases muscle mass growth and decreases muscle soreness.They decrease protein breakdown so you won’t lose protein during weight loss but rather just the fat. BCAA are beneficial if consumed pre-workout because they are a good energy source.

  1.     Carbs

Of course, you need carbs to supply energy for the workout. So more than anything else, ensure you are getting a lot of calories – slow carbs if you choose Vitaminfood pre-workout for pros. You’ll get all that you need and the advantage of slow carbs is that they release energy relatively slower. So rather than have a sugar rush in the first half-hour then feel extremely exhausted in the last hour, slow carbs from Vitaminfood cola-powered formula keeps you energized all through the entire session.

  1.     Nitric oxide/ NO precursors

Nitric oxide is one of many vasodilators. These are chemicals that relax smooth muscle around blood vessels allowing a much better flow of blood and exchange of materials and removal of waste all around the body. So transport through blood is more efficient.

Its precursors include l-arginine, l-citrulline


What to avoid?

  1.     Too much caffeine

Too much caffeine causes overstimulation of neuronal cells and over time causes their desensitization, addiction….

  1.     Added sugar

It has never been a desirable thing unless an acute decline in sugar levels. Cancers, diabetes……Avoid artificial sweeteners and sugar at all costs.



Cola formula from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden)ingredients; it’s all displayed on the label for your safety and benefit.

Mix just one teaspoon (15g) in 200ml water and drink 30 minutes before the training session for maximum effect. 

Better your pro status

Vitaminfood does not settle at being good. Good is not good enough for us. Neither should it be for you. This pre-workout formula is here to make you better

Are you the pro of your trade? Greatest in weight lifting, fastest on track or the kingpin of boxing? Vitaminfood only aims to make you better. 

Vitaminfood takes care of your psyche and energy supply so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be. 

Get hyped and full of energy easily by mixing vitaminfood workout formula in 200 ml of water.

Perform better with Vitaminfood pre-workout formula.


P.S – this one is for PROs.