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Sports & fitness nutrition

Sports nutrition is as important as training. If attended to well enough, sports nutrition can guarantee you massive gains in a reasonable amount of time. Compared to those who don’t use supplements, those who do record seeing value for the work faster. 

Sports training can take a toll on your body. I remember my days’ training with the basketball team. Runs, weights, footwork, layups, gameplays…there was just too much. I’d spend at least 4 hours just on training. And then I’d have to go back to my books. My life was total chaos and I was barely holding it together. 

The reason, however, wasn’t because there was too much to do and not enough time to do it. Nope,’ my schedule worked out just fine. My nutrition, however, wasn’t. I didn’t have enough money for supplements and snacks and complete nutrition to keep me fresh for studies and hyped for sports.

It was one or the other, but never both.

Vitaminfood produces an entire line of sports nutrition just for this reason; to ensure that you see the fruits of your labor in the gym and on the track. Vitaminfood pro series includes all that you’d need for your workout schedule. We are the fuel to power you to your goals and beyond them. Ranging from protein isolate to pre-workout formula and fat burner, you can’t ask for anything that we don’t already have.

The state of sports nutrition as it is:

The world of sports nutrition is clouded by frauds. Companies that make counterfeit products powered by intense marketing and false & unrealistic promises. Impossible timeframes, unachievable weight goals and other similarly crafted deceitful messages. Using icon body models who have never had the troubles you’ve had and some even surgically-enhanced figures to create the admirable image that motivates you to enroll for a gym subscription and to pay the full yearly subscription upfront. 

After 3 weeks, you start feeling lethargy. Start skipping leg day. Start creating a list of excuses. You start to realize that you weren’t cut out for the gym. Finally, you try to negotiate a money-back deal on your hardly used subscription. Maybe you’ll try again next year.

Even then, there’s one person who still hasn’t given up on you; the bogus companies. They still have one more way of solving your problem. This one is even better than the first. Thanks to some scientists (from outer space), there now is a solution that does all the work for you.

No subscription. No early morning. No sweaty evenings. 

  • A couple of pills that cut your weight
  • Hulk drinks to bulk you up (in a real sense they’re very harmful steroids)
  • Lotions to give you the firm glutes you so deeply desire

You fall for it hook, line and sinker. Who wouldn’t? Especially after trying the gym and realizing how tiresome and ineffective that could be. The bogus company won again. You let them win again. 

You go down this rabbit hole for a couple of years before realizing that these companies have just been tossing you around taking turns in swindling your money.

A solution – Vitaminfood pro series

Achieving your workout goals is not the maze it has been painted to be. You just need to be ready to put in the effort from your end and get a diet that boosts your efforts. All simple and healthy. Vitaminfood pro series is the nutrition that complements your efforts in the gym. Get a workout plan that you can stick to and then integrate Vitaminfood in that plan and sooner than you expect you’ll be boasting of great gains.

The pro series is designed to help you with weight management (gain or loss), pre-workout conditioning, bulking up, endurance training and quick recovery after these intensive sessions. Become a pro-level bodybuilder or athlete powered by Vitaminfood pro series products.

No false promises. Just healthy nutrition. And a great boost for your efforts.

Vitaminfood pro series:

  1. Protein isolate

Bodybuilding and intensive training demand more protein intake. Getting all that from food could be a burden. You could, but you’d have to eat way too much food making you uncomfortable. Two options to choose from:

  1. Pure Protein isolate

Vitaminfood’s pure protein isolate fills in on the extra protein your body needs. Protein isolate is a great way to ensure you hit your daily protein intake requirements.

Get ripped with Vitaminfood pro protein isolate. Vitaminfood is fuel, good fuel that services the body well and gives a good feeling. As a powerhouse, we include a whooping protein boost just for you.

Including vitaminfood protein isolate ensures you are built different.

Choose the vanilla or chocolate or lemon protein isolate and get building.

- High-quality protein

Pure protein isolate delivers high-quality protein that confers rapid action after the workout.

- All essential amino acids

Unlike protein meals like peas or whey which lack some amino acids, Vitaminfood protein isolate is designed to have all essential amino acids in the required quantities.

- Satiety and weight loss

 High protein content adds to the bulk of food making you feel satisfied and full with a lower calorie intake in general.

- Boosts muscle recovery

With pro-protein isolate, your muscles have all the protein plus more nutrients that they need for a swift recovery and continued optimal performance.

Pure Protein Isolate from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or volumizing nutrients. Mix 1 scoop of 30 g with 200 ml of water, shake and enjoy. 

- Easy to prepare pro-nutrient

Protein doesn’t have to involve hours of cooking or grilling under specific conditions for long periods. Get all the protein you need in no time.

How fast can you scoop, shake and drink?

That’s all the time you need.

There is no way around investing the effort to gain more. You will only be as good as your investment. Vitaminfood pro-protein isolate is a good investment that builds great bodies.

Enjoy the benefits of using pure protein isolate which include:

  • Healthy muscle growth
  • Hitting your daily protein intake requirement
  • Obtaining all the essential amino acids
  • Rapid action when consumed after a workout session.

Vitaminfood takes care of your nutrient intake so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and putting in as much effort as you can.

Build different with Vitaminfood Pure protein isolate. 

Pure protein isolate: the pro nutrient

Who is protein isolate for?

Pure protein isolate is for all those ready to improve results on their weight loss and bodybuilding.This unique precut 90% protein isolate is designed to help anyone whose meal plan and lifestyle demand a higher than normal protein intake; bodybuilders, weight lifters, muscle loss victims and high-intensity trainers.

If your diet is also unable to sustain your protein requirements, worry no more. Vitaminfood has you covered. Trust Vitaminfood to deliver all the nutrients your body needs.

What is contained in pure protein isolate? 

Per serving of 40g you get:

  • 32g protein
  • 0.2 g fat
  • 8 g BCAA

Pure protein isolate boosts your protein intake during such a time that you need more than you can comfortably take in normal meals.

Without sugar or fat, Vitaminfood’s pure protein isolate is recommended for pro athletes as well.

  1. Deluxe protein

Deluxe protein is the elite proteins source. It is a top tier packaging of all the protein you need. With frozen fruit pieces included, deluxe pro protein isolate delivers the highest value for your money.

A tasty mix of healthy protein for your body.

  1. Pre-workout, cola-powered

Coca powered pre-workout formula

This pre-workout formula is a potent mix of ingredients that will get you super hyped and energetic as you begin your workout sessions. Coca-powdered formula will have you cutting through your daily goals like a piece of cake.

Every time you take this cola formula, you will have an incredible experience during your gym or training session. Such experiences are what it is designed to deliver.

What are you signing up for?

  1. A consistent supply of energy keeps you smooth and alert all through your training.
  2. Maximization of strength performance during training as well as show day. Coca powered pre-workout formula unlocks the potential to go beyond the normal revs.
  3. Prevents muscle soreness and crashing down after the workout. Maximum pump and blood flow to muscles ensure that lactic acid, which causes cramps and muscle pulls, is eliminated from the muscles.


Cola formula from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden)ingredients; it’s all displayed on the label for your safety and benefit.

Mix just one teaspoon (15g) in 200ml water and drink 30 minutes before the training session for maximum effect.

Better your pro status

Vitaminfood does not settle at being good. Good is not good enough for us. Neither should it be for you. This pre-workout formula is here to make you better. Drinks to take before workout sessions

Are you the pro of your trade? Greatest in weight lifting, fastest on track or the kingpin of boxing? Vitaminfood only aims to make you better by solving your dilemma of what to drink before your gym session. Vitaminfood takes care of your psyche and energy supply so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be.

Get hyped and full of energy easily by mixing vitaminfood workout formula in 200 ml of water. 

Perform better with Vitaminfood pre-workout formula.

P.S – this one is for pros

Cola pre-workout formula: game changing formula

Who is this pre-workout formula for?

This cola-powered mix is for all those ready to change their game, quite literally. If you’ve been an amateur all along or have had a hurdle that you can’t seem to get past, then this Vitaminfood pre-workout mix is meant for you. It is designed to stimulate your body to break that final barrier and get it off the way so that you can finally achieve your goals. 

300mg caffeine, 1.5mg taurine and 4.6g beta-alanine are all the help you need to scale to the next level.

Become a pro and scale your dominance in the game with a coca-powered mix. Hit your goals with Vitaminfood’s coca-powered pre-workout formula.

What is contained in the pre-workout solution

  • 4.6g beta-alanine
  • 1.5g taurine
  • 300mg caffeine
  • Vitamin C, vitamin B, arginine and much more.

The label contains the full list of ingredients carefully chosen and included in this amazing formula.

It was designed for you, don’t let somebody else scoop your benefits away. Trust Vitaminfood to always cover your nutritional needs.

  1. BCAA supplements

Pure branched-chain amino acids

Intense training doesn’t need to be intense on your muscles and your brain as well. Pure BCAA is here to prevent muscle catabolism so you don’t have to worry about losing rather gaining muscle mass.


Tried and tested for several decades, pure BCAA is a verified prerequisite for healthy high-intensity training. Bodybuilders can’t stop talking of how BCAA prevents muscle loss during training periods. 

Designed to help get into their desired form, Vitaminfood’s pure BCAA is the perfect gift for your body as you push over the edge.


Ready in less than a minute with all the benefits:


- Prevents muscle loss

Hard training under inadequate nutrient supply often leads to muscle wasting. Pure BCAA from Vitaminfood helps in reducing muscle loss for all ages.


- Promotes protein synthesis in muscles

Leucine, one of the branched-chain amino acids, is like cement for your muscles. Vitaminfood delivers a pure form of this cement to help you grow.


- Weight loss

Leucine, isoleucine and valine all help in energy metabolism by burning fat and glucose while maintaining proteins. The result of supplementing BCAA is shading off the unwanted weight and getting in shape.


- Decreases muscle soreness and fatigue

The sore muscles that begin a few hours after a workout and last deep into your next training session, well, Vitaminfood’s healthy BCAA mix can help with that.


Pure BCAA from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or false volumizing nutrients. Scoop 5g and mix with 150-200ml of water or milk or your desired liquid solvent and you are on your path to healthier training.


Remember – BCAA is beneficial both before and after the workout.


A game-changing nutrient

Branched-chain amino acids account for up to 1/3 of your muscle mass. Vitaminfood’s pure BCAA helps you get this 1/3 without stressing over it.

The benefits of pure BCAA for bodybuilders extend beyond muscles growth. It helps with fat metabolism, immune functions, glucose synthesis and coping with stress.

Enhance your protein synthesis and energy production with Vitaminfood’s Pure BCAA.

To maximize the impact of the BCAA in your body, vitamin C and vitamin D are key nutrients that support these functions. Get better with Vitaminfood and the flavor of your choice.

Pure BCAA: the pro sports nutrient

Who is BCAA for?


Pure BCAA is for all those ready to scale their health and improve results on their intensive training and bodybuilding program. If you are shading both the unwanted and wanted mass, or you know a fellow gym member struggling with such kind of muscle loss, Vitaminfood pure BCAA is the solution you have been seeking.

Get help hitting your goals for weight gain, speedy muscle recovery between bodybuilding sessions, reduced soreness and improved immunity. Vitaminfood’s pure BCAA also helps to protect your muscles and entire body against some of the side effects of endurance training and high-intensity training.

Retain those muscles and grow them bigger with pure BCAA from Vitaminfood.

What is contained in pure BCAA?

Only the three branched-chain amino acids:

  • 4.6 g L-leucine
  • 2.3g L-isoleucine
  • 2.3g L -valine

The three are amino acids that your body needs and utilizes for protein synthesis, glucose breakdown and improving immune functions.

The catch though is that all three are essential amino acids and can only be obtained from the diet. Trust Vitaminfood to deliver sufficient amounts in the recommended dosages.

With added vitamin C and vitamin D for improved immunity and better performance.

  1. CLA supplements

Pure conjugated linoleic acid

Have you been struggling with body fat deposition? Trying to burn excess fat and reduce the fat to body weight ratio? Or is it the disappointment of using other ineffective products?


Well, that search ends with Vitaminfood pure conjugated linoleic acid.


Designed to help everyone in burning body fat and muscle mass growth in athletes, Vitaminfood pure CLA is the perfect match for you. Get this essential nutrient and reap its benefits:


- Muscle mass for bodybuilders

Hack your way into bigger muscles with pure conjugated linoleic acid from Vitaminfood. Reduce your body fat while maintaining body weight.


- Weight loss

CLA plays a major role in breaking down fat in the body complementing other weight loss efforts.


- Heart health

CLA is a healthy fat that helps protect against the hardening of arteries and smaller blood vessels. CLA keeps your heart in check.


- Boosts muscle recovery

With pure CLA, you never have to lose a day to chronic injuries. Stay fit with boosted recovery and make the most of your gym subscription.


Pure CLA from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or volumizing nutrients. Take 2 capsules every day with meals and await a game-changing transformation.

A game-changing pro-nutrient

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a necessary healthy boost to fat metabolism in the body. It promotes the breakdown of fat, reducing its composition in the body and providing more energy for your workout sessions.

Enjoy the benefits of using CLA from Vitaminfood like a more fast-paced weight loss program alongside improved immunity.  Vitaminfood takes care of your body functioning so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be.

Burn fat and gain muscle mass with Vitaminfood Pure CLA.

Pure CLA: the pro nutrient

Who is CLA for?

CLA is for all those ready to scale their health and improve results on their weight loss and bodybuilding with the CLA program. Get the capsules to get sufficient quantities of CLA to improve your health and recover faster.

Get help hitting your goals for weight loss, speedy muscle recovery between bodybuilding sessions, burning body fat and muscle mass recovery. Vitaminfood pure CLA helps to protect your heart against some of the side effects of endurance training and high-intensity training.

Hit your goals with Vitaminfood CLA.

What is contained in pure CLA?

Only pure conjugated linoleic acid (200mg/serving).

This sole component is an omega 6 fat that cannot be made in the body and has to be acquired from the diet. Trust Vitaminfood to deliver sufficient amounts in the recommended dosages.

  1. Fat burner

A cutting-edge solution for anyone and everyone looking to cut down their fat content.


Designed to help both men and women in shading off the fat from their body weight, this fat burner is a next-level solution. It comprises an effective dose of the most powerful thermogenic fat-burning ingredients you know.


If you consider green tea, carnitine, cayenne pepper and caffeine heroes in your weight loss routine, then Vitaminfood’s pro fat burner is the ultimate superhero. We give you a chance to harness the power of all these super nutrients combined together.


Making it part of your routine leaves you only two choices, hit your goals or hit them sooner.


How the fat burner works

Thermogenic fat burners include cayenne pepper, black pepper, green tea leaf extracts, caffeine and certain forms of carnitine. Working individually, all these products work to stimulate thermogenesis – the process of converting fat to glucose and energy. This could involve directly increasing metabolic rates or stimulating the production of hormones that increase metabolic rate.

The bottom line is they all help in burning fat independently. The fat burner formula at Vitaminfood combines all these components into one easy-to-make drink whose synergistic effect delivers better results.


Fat burner from Vitaminfood never contains any (hidden) sugars or false volumizing nutrients. Every grain of that powder scoop adds value to your weight loss program.


I lost “…” lbs

Vitaminfood fat burner is definitely going to help you complete that statement. With only a maximum of two scoops per day, this is a combination you don’t want to miss.

Mix one scoop with 250 ml of liquid preferably water to avoid extra calories and drink this as the first thing upon waking up. Follow this up with a second and final scoop for the day about 6 hours later.

This simple routine helps you get to your goals by increasing thermogenic fat burning in the body. The size and number of fat cells reduce keeping you fit and healthy.

Enjoy the benefits of using the pro fat burner from Vitaminfood like a more fast-paced weight loss program alongside improved immunity.  Vitaminfood takes care of your body functioning so that your only worry is getting to the gym or the running track and becoming the best you can be.

Burn fat with Vitaminfood’s pro fat burner.

The pro fat burner: mind-boggling combination

Who is the fat burner for?

Pro fat burner is for those ready to experience some little wonders in weight loss. Caffeine alone helps many increase their fat-burning rate, how much better would it be when using a super combination of all the top and most effective thermogenic fat burners.

For only two scoops a day, the thermogenic fat burner is for those looking to burn extra fat and flee the health risks of having excess fat in the body. Get help reducing your body fat composition, losing weight and increasing thermogenesis in the body.

Vitaminfood delivers all you need to reap the benefits of low-fat content in the body in one package for your convenience.

Choose your flavor and get started on a supreme routine with an effective product.

What is contained in the pro fat burner?

  • Green tea
  • L-carnitine
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne pepper fruit extract
  • Black pepper fruit extract

 For every serving (5g), you get 700mg L- carnitine, 459 mg green tea leaf extract, 270 mg caffeine anhydrous, 50 mg cayenne extract and 5 mg black pepper extract. This is the perfect mix to scale your fat loss program.

Sports nutrition: Vitaminfood pro series

Sports & fitness nutrition is central in scaling the benefits of exercising and indulging in various fitness activities. Cardio, aerobics, yoga, bodybuilding, athlete performance, competitive sports training. A healthy sports diet to match your physical input multiplies the results.

Vitaminfood pro series is a simple line-up of nutrients to help you block out the noise and make informed decisions quickly on what you need or don’t need. 

Why don’t get your pro series package today and start seeing those gains?