Breakfast shakes

Breakfast shakes

Are you looking for a nice and healthy breakfast shake? Then look no further: Vitaminfood. We have a wide range of breakfast shakes, all packed with the nutrients you need to start every day full of energy. Our healthy breakfast is ready in no time. Vitaminfood comes in all sorts of flavors, so there is always a breakfast shake to start your day with. Take a look at our breakfast shakes below and make your choice.


A healthy breakfast with our shakes

Each Vitaminfood breakfast shake contains no less than 27 types of vitamins and proteins, healthy carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and all other nutrients. So your day has a healthy start with our breakfast shakes. Our breakfast shakes are low in carbohydrates and also completely sugar free. They contain no artificial sugars or colorings and are GMO-free. You may wonder why these breakfast shakes have such a great taste. Our breakfast shakes contain stevia, a natural sweetener and various natural aromas have been added. So you get a healthy breakfast with the taste of a slightly sweet milkshake.

Our breakfast shakes are developed in collaboration with certified nutritionists and meet the strict International Food Standard (IFS) standard. Would you like to see the complete list of ingredients, nutritional values, vitamins and minerals? Check out these lists on our FAQ page under the heading ‘What does Vitaminfood consist of?


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