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Best-flavored protein shakes – 6 vegan protein shakes !!!


Vegan protein shakes are protein-dense diet shakes made from plant based agricultural produce. Bodybuilding and intensive training demand more protein intake. Getting all that from food could be a burden. You could, but you’d have to eat way too much food making you uncomfortable. That is what protein shakes help you with.

Vitaminfood’s pure protein isolate collection fills in on the extra protein your body needs. Pure protein isolate is for all those ready to improve results on their weight loss and bodybuilding.

The protein isolate is designed to help anyone whose meal plan and lifestyle demand a higher than normal protein intake; bodybuilders, weight lifters, muscle loss victims and high-intensity trainers.

Here are some common plant-based protein sources used in making the shakes are:

  • Pea protein – peas have a healthy complete protein profile and are highly protein-dense legumes. This is Vitaminfood’s select protein source.
  • Brown rice protein – is a great protein source especially for protein isolate concentrates in which the starch has been extracted. It contains at least 37% of the essential amino acids profile and could benefit from combining it with other sources.
  • Soy protein – this is a complete protein source, containing nine essential amino acids. It is also widely used because of cost and availability. However, allergies related to this protein source can be very serious and should be avoided if allergic.
  • Hemp protein – contains 20 amino acids; that includes all 9 essential ones. The protein alone will of course not make you high as it lacks the cannabinoids. Hemp is also rich in omega 3 and 6. As part of the adoption of hemp into the health and nutrition industry, Vitaminfood is exploring a pea + hemp protein combination.

With all these protein sources and many more listed here, it is still very normal to find new vegans and veganism critics complaining about “getting enough protein as a vegan”. There are sufficient delicious plant-based protein sources, in fact, more than enough. These include the legumes and the products made from them, i.e, tofu, tempeh, meat substitutes, vegan milk etc. Nuts are also a great protein source and important source of vegan milk.



Vitaminfood is master of creating natural flavors. Our dislike for artificial flavors is that they are harmful sugars, false-volumizing and contraindicatory to the healthy weight loss goals we designed these protein powders for. For these reasons, we worked to develop top-of-the-game natural flavors. Vitaminfood protein shakes are also only sweetened with stevia only.

The variety of flavors include:

  1. Strawberry fruit
  2. Vanilla cream
  3. Cookie
  4. Pistachio
  5. Yogurt cherry
  6. Oreo

These make Vitaminfood the best-flavored protein shake in the market and among the most nutritionally complete as well.

When buying protein shakes, it is important that you check the nutritional factsheet and ingredients list to avoid those with added sugars and artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Protein powders have numerous benefits, especially if the right one is picked and consumed at the best time.


 What are the benefits of vegan protein supplements

Anyone can experience the benefits of a diet transformation to a vegan or vegetarian diet. They include all the following:

  1. Weight loss – natural plant diets have less fat and less calories than meat and processed foods. Besides, a lot of the carbohydrate from plants is in form of fiber which is not absorbed into the bloodstream. These two factors help in boosting weight loss.

 “ We often forget to add protein shakes to our diet, which is a game changer for losing weight effectively while keeping up your strength. A healthy diet and exercise needs protein intake to build muscle strength“.

So weight loss is almost assured during a vegan transformation. Vegan diets are low in non-nutritive carbohydrates which lead to weight gain. The extra fat and calories will be shed and no replacement will occur after the body metabolizes them.

Snacking is also reduced because of fiber density which makes you feel full for longer. Expect to shed the unhealthy carbs and extra fat.

In general, plant-based diets are great for your metabolism, here's an article that dives deeper into metabolism - "Increasing your metabolism and becoming healthy"

2. Improved health – plants have phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and nutrient balance that is a natural boost to our health.

Just as is with fruits and vegetables, vegan meals improve your bodies’ defenses. Health is the greatest diet transformation expectation.

  1. Kidneys– meats have a lot of salt, unused protein, minerals and heme iron. So do processed foods.

Some of these ingredients are treated as junk by the body after absorption and unlike the calories which are stored as fat in reserves, these are all drained into the kidneys.

The functioning of the kidney is impaired by more toxins from such foods and yet more work is being added for completion. Kidneys get overworked and poisoned so they end up failing and forming stones.

Plant diets are healthier, fewer toxins, and improve kidney function rather than reduce it. With a vegan transformation, expect healthier kidneys and a sound clean blood system.

  1. Liver– just like with the kidneys, plants help the liver in cleansing the body’s toxins and optimizing its functioning.

Chemical toxins from snacks, processed drinks and added sugar are all eliminated. Phytochemicals for liver cells replace them. So a healthier liver cleans a healthier food intake.

  1. Arthritis and chronic joint pain– for Rheumatoid arthritis, several studies have proven that plant-based diets help.

These reduce chronic inflammation in as little as two weeks. Reduced inflammation reduces pain.

The calcium is better absorbed, bone structure improved by collagen and creatine produced and this is all a healing.

  1. Athletic performance enhancement– plants improve your muscle quality, injury prevention and recovery.

 Peas for example, which are Vitaminfood’s choice plant protein source, increase the thickness of muscles.

Vegan protein also improves resistance for endurance trainers and athletes. You also avoid complications arising from animal protein like cancer later on in life. On top of all these, you age gracefully maintaining healthy body mass and tense muscles rather than dystrophy.

  1. Healthier skin– clearer skin, supple, acne-free and soft glowing radiance is what to expect for your skin with this transformation.

 A low-fat diet nourishes the skin allowing it to flourish. Cystic acne is also eliminated and collagen production is boosted for better skin structure. The puffy skin is replaced with lean skin with edges clearly defined making you more attractive and appealing.

  1. Improved self-image and mental wellness – knowing that you good fuel in your body produces a good feeling.

It makes feel and be healthy. It boosts your confidence in various aspects. You’ll feel better about your mental abilities and physical capabilities too.

Lifestyle and mindset transformations- this refers to how you make your decisions, how you feel about yourself and your self-image satisfaction.


Protein shakes for muscle mass

Proteins boost the body’s metabolism, contribute to lean muscle growth, and repair tissue mass after heavy workouts.  Unlike carbohydrates, proteins are easily digested by the body. They do not break down to convert into fat and get stored, thereby adding to the weight.

If the muscles have low or no energy, they will lose mass and cause pain and soreness. Therefore, it is essential to consume protein powder to avoid muscle fatigue. Fitness enthusiasts often recommend taking whey protein which is ideal for weight loss. Protein powders efficiently replace snack intake and provide complete proteins required for weight loss. In addition, they contain magnesium, calcium, iron, and essential vitamins necessary in a balanced diet.

However, consuming protein shake alone will not help you with weight management. In addition to protein powders, eating whole foods and exercising is vital for natural weight loss.


When to Drink Protein Shakes? 

Protein shakes are best consumed on an empty stomach in the morning to boost protein absorption and make them your primary energy source throughout the day.

However, drinking protein shakes before or after a workout is recommended to repair and build muscle. Around physical activities, protein intake should be within 30-60 minutes after exercise. Protein shakes can also be taken as replacements for breakfast.

Moreover, having them as snacks instead of eating junk food is also a good option. They keep you full throughout and lower your appetite, too.

Why switch to a plant-based diet:

Plant-based diets and protein supplements are taking the world by force. Seitan, tofu and tempeh are common meat alternatives for vegans. Plant protein is safer and healthy, for you and for the planet.

Vitaminfood is a recommended choice for plant based protein shakes and protein shakes without sugar. Vitaminfood offers healthy plant based protein powder supplements and shakes. Not vegan junk like some popular vegan meat alternatives and burgers. Plant protein can also be obtained from protein bars and inclusive meal plans.

Why should you switch to plant-based protein sources and a generally plant based diet? The reasons are many and fully justified. 

Plant protein is a healthier alternative to meat and animal sources. Opt for Vitaminfood; a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet and start reaping the benefits of eating green If the ascent seems to steep, begin slowly with reduction and slowly substituting with Vitaminfood, gradually increasing to complete elimination.

At Vitaminfood, we believe that a plant-based diet choice is a mindful choice.